National Democratic Congress (NDC) national youth chairperson Charles Kabwita says the ruling Patriotic Front is not conducting election campaigns in Chilubi but corruption.

On Tuesday, Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya said the construction of health posts in Chilubi were part of PF’s development agenda and not because of campaigns for this month’s parliamentary by-election.

“We are running an issue based campaign focusing on highlighting the development agenda that the government through President Edgar Lungu has embarked on. The delivery is on the wall for all to see. And we must not pretend we can’t see new developments in Chilubi and therefore, we should be frank and honest with ourselves and admit that the people of Chilubi are very happy. The health policy has culminated into two hospitals; one on the mainland and another on the island. We have St Maria, people can receive health services; the schools have been upgraded. What does the opposition have to offer? It is not about talking and they should not start complaining before the results are out. They know that we will win by a landslide so they want to start fault-finding,” said Dr Chilufya.

But Kabwita said the PF had nothing to offer the people of Chilubi and that it was unfortunate that Dr Chilufya lied to the nation.

“It is quite unfortunate that a professional medical doctor like Chilufya can come out the way he has come out. The democracy that is growing in Zambia is being disturbed because we have leaders who will do anything to ascend to power. The late member of parliament for Chilubi, Rosaria Fundanga, appealed to this government to take development there, but the government never cared but because they want votes, Chitalu Chilufya will go to Chilubi and start all sorts of construction works. And we know that he has been taken there so that he can utilize facilities like ambulances in an area where there are no roads. If this undertaking was done before honourable Fundanga died, we would have said it is a continued exercise but these things are happening at a time a by-election is called, this is unfair,” Kabwita complained.

“We have a situation which is terrible. We need to rise up and ensure that we remove PF from power. These people cannot be trusted with the livelihoods of our children; their lives are at stake under this leadership. Today, Dr Chilufya has taken corruption in Chilubi with impunity yet the institution that is responsible for elections is quiet. The ECZ should be at the helm of things to ensure that elections are conducted in a dignified manner, and transparent. What is happening in Chilubi are not elections, that is corruption. If they had a development agenda in Chilubi, they would not have panicked to send relief food to a place that has not been declared a hunger-stricken constituency. The PF have no chance of winning these elections because the people of Chilubi are saying they will just eat their food.”

He also wondered why the Church was silent on the happenings in Chilubi.

“The PF have brought violence in Chilubi, but where is the church? If it was the other way round, the Church would have risen to castigate the opposition. It is unfortunate that they have turned a blind eye on things that they are supposed to speak against,” said Kabwita.