NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu has insulted Zambians by saying those that can’t see development works that government has done in Chilubi are mad.

And Kambwili says tribalism is worsening because President Lungu is a tribalist and he has allowed his officials to divide the country on that basis.

Speaking when he addressed the ruling party’s last rally onn Chilubi Island, Wednesday, President Lungu said those who did not see works which government had done in Chilubi were mad and didn’t have brains.

“We have brought Natsave bank here but people are still arguing. To tell you the truth, madness isn’t only going to the mental hospital. Madness is disputing things you can clearly see in front of you. Something that is fat, you say it is thin, something that is dark you say it is light. If you can’t see what everyone is seeing, you are mad! You don’t have brains!)” exclaimed President Lungu.

But in an interview Kambwili said Zambians would see the real mad people in 2021.

“That hospital he was talking about was started by president Sata in 2012. Eight years on, it is still not completed until when there were elections. They brought a few things and said we have opened the hospital. That hospital was being used as a hostel for student nurses they have taken there. He is talking about the secondary schools that they are building, how long has it taken them to build them? Are they even opened? What has he done? He has done nothing! That area called Chaba, there is no electricity, how can he want to be getting accolades on things that he has not done and start insulting those of us who are seeing that there is no development that we are mad? Fine, 2021 is coming. The real mad people will be known because what they have done during this by-election is nothing but malpractice! What President Lungu said is an insult not only to the people of Chilubi but Zambians. It is not right to be calling people mad because those who are mad, it is not because of their wish. Stop teasing people and coming from a Head of State is very disappointing,” Kambwili said.

“In that Natsave Bank, only six people work in that bank. What is he talking about? Why should we allow Zambia to import fish when we have that lake and those swamps in Chilubi? They have failed to restock the lake, there is no fish to talk about. We should have had very big fish farms. Now if he says Chilubi is very developed then the people must know that he has reached his limit, for him that is development. The only Zampost boat they have taken there is always broken down. People travel 12 hours in a banana boat, then you can go and boast that there is development here, what a shame! And if you saw how he was speaking, he was so annoyed, why get agitated and annoyed if it is true that you have taken development?”

Kambwili said a time of reckoning would come.

“This campaign period was 21 days; the opposition were given only 14 days to campaign. Where have you seen a President stay in an area where there is an election, stays seven days moving from village to village? The whole thing was meant to disadvantage the opposition political parties. You can say that they are guilty of the malpractice that they are doing, how can (Davies) Mwila say ‘people should not cry foul, everybody was allowed to campaign.’ Which opposition party held rallies there? We had one rally, President Lungu had nine rallies, is that a fair level playing field? This idea of wanting to keep power at all cost, he is telling us that there is something that they have done and they are scared of leaving their offices, but time of reckoning will come,” he said.

And Kambwili said tribal talk in the country cannot be stopped because President Lung had allowed it.

“President Lungu was being tribal, what did he want to communicate that only Tongas can be president of UPND? And that is why this issue of tribalism cannot be stopped because President Lungu has given authority, power and permission for PF officials to be tribal and even himself went and confirmed it. God has exposed him that he is tribal!” said Kambwili.