Former Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo says he does not regret anything he did while serving in the government.

President Edgar Lungu last year dropped Kasolo for saying that the salary cuts the Head of State had announced were voluntary.

He was quoted by Diamond TV saying: “The salary reduction announced by President Lungu ranging from 15 to 20 per cent is not a mandatory measure, but voluntary scheme, which can be joined by his appointees and other Zambians.”
Reflecting on his time in government in an interview, Kasolo said he did not regret anything he did while he served in the government.

“I have never regretted anything I have done in my life. When you are realistic, you know that a job can end, nothing is permanent. I am realistic, I enjoyed what I did in government. I do not regret anything. If anything, I did my best at my job,” Kasolo said.

When asked if he would agree to get back into government if an opportunity availed itself, he said he would as long as it was in the interest of the nation.

“My father used to say ‘never say never’. These things have a way of going round. For me, if it has to do with serving the nation, I will always do it. If I know I cannot do because, maybe, I am not capable or not sure, I will not. I can only accept things that I know I can serve and give my best,” Kasolo said.

He said he had now embarked on a venture to promote tourism in Eastern Province where he also served as permanent secretary.

“My business partner acquired this resort from a long time ago and being a good friend, he said ‘come and join me’. I have joined him. We are developing a hotel, we are developing a colosseum bar and restaurant. We have a large swimming pool that we are digging up now; that will be the largest in Eastern Province. We are bringing animals on to the site because we would like people, instead of going to national parks, they can come there. The main thing we are to do on tourism and arts in this province is through this facility,” said Kasolo.