NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili says people have already got fed up of the ruling Patriotic Front.

Last week, President Edgar Lungu said the people will soon get fed up of PF if some undisciplined top officials were left unchecked.

“The other thing I want to talk about is discipline in the party. And this time, I am talking about top leadership, the President, the National Committee and other top leaders we have to be disciplined. We will not be respected by our followers if we don’t respect ourselves and respect them. We will not attract new membership if we don’t respect ourselves. We are going to respect ourselves and respect the people by following the law and doing what is right and not taking advantage of our positions. I said this yesterday and I am saying it again; the people that saw UNIP get out of power are the undisciplined members of that party, the people who killed MMD out of government are the undisciplined members and the members who will us PF are the undisciplined members in the party,” President Lungu said.

“People got fed up of the chairman in the UNIP days because he was busy looking at other people’s things and getting land and all those things, people got fed up. Similarly, people got fed up with MMD because they were allocating land illegally and doing all sorts of things people got fed up. Sooner than later, people will get fed up of PF if we allow ourselves to be dominated by thugs and criminals in the name of leaders. So for that reason, don’t expect that you will get the support from the party, from the President, from the chairman, from the Vice-President to any if us the top leadership in the party if you misbehave because you are leaders. We will deal with you,”

But in an interview, Kambwili said it was too late and that the whole country was fed up with the party.

“People are already fed up! It is a party of criminals, a government of criminals. It is too late now. If the President wants people to vote for him, let him clean up his government officials and his party officials because there is too much corruption maybe he can stand a chance but people are already fed up. They believe that it is a government of thieves, by thieves for thieves. The whole country is fed up! In PF today when you become a provincial chairman, you become very rich. When you become a provincial secretary you become very rich, how is that happening? That never used to happen in the past. Today all businesses are controlled by provincial chairmen they are the ones who go to the mines and tell them who to give business. Even the issues with the Ndola Airport go and see who are getting the large chunk of the business, it is provincial officials. But I want to warn them that using their positions to get contracts is an offence it is abuse of authority. And whatever they will build using that money for we will follow to the bitter end until we clean up and those building will belong to the government,” Kambwili said.

And President Lungu said he was not involved in any criminal activities being conducted in his name.

“And if you go round breaking the law and saying ‘no, the President is backing me, I am going to be the President’ you are on your own. People are going round the country saying ‘I’m doing this with the party, SG is involved in this the President’ is backing me in this,’ illicit deals and all, I am not involved. Whether you are a party member, civil servant if you break the law in the name of the party President of the Republic of Zambia, the law will visit you alone. So in short this habit of name throwing and top leaders involved in criminal activities should stop now because the law will visit you one day. I am urging those who have been tempted or [been] attracted to this culture to stop now. So the Central Committee will sit shortly and decide the fate of our colleagues who have been allegedly involved in illegal gold mining activities and you will be informed accordingly. In PF, we don’t have sacrificial lambs or sacred cows everyone is equal,” said president Lungu

But Kambwili wondered why the President failed to fire his officials if they impersonated him.

“How can a President be lamenting that? If he knows them why not fire them or hand them over to the police? Because impersonation is an offence so how can he complain about that? If he is really serious about people impersonating him without his knowledge let him take action. As long as they are not handled to the police station we are all taking it that they are not impersonating him but they are actually working under his instructions. Probably they might know what he does. If at all he does anything illegal they might have something against him and say ‘ah, why should you fire me but you do this?’ I am not talking particularly about President Lungu but generally in the world, if your junior knows what you do, it is difficult for you to fire them. What the President was saying were lamentations he has got the instruments of power to take action why is he failing?” questioned Kambwili.