THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says most political parties have asked the commission to consider reducing its proposed fees by half.

In an interview, ECZ Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano, disclosed that the UPND, however, proposed to maintain the 2016 general election nomination fees.

“The political parties provided a submission with the Zambia Centre for Inter-party Dialogue (ZCID) members proposing to half all the current fees, whilst the UPND indicated to maintain the 2016 fees. After deliberations, the Commission indicated that they would get back to the political parties on the final fees after taking into account the submissions that were made. This was after the political parties further rejected the revised downward submission by the Commission,” said Nshindano.

According to a proposal by the Commission, a presidential nomination fee is K150,000 from the current K60,000, while a female presidential candidate and persons with disabilities will pay K120,000.

A male parliamentary candidate will be required to pay K25,000 from the current K7,500 and female and persons with disabilities candidates will be paying K20,000.

“Presidential candidate (male) current K60,000 – proposed K150,000; female and PWD candidate current, K60,000, proposed, K120,000.000; parliamentary (male) current, K7,500, proposal, K25,000.00; female PWD current, K7,500, proposed, K20,000.00,” read the proposal.

On the other hand, a mayoral candidate will be required to pay K25,000, up from the current K7,500.

“Mayoral male candidate current, K7,500, proposal, K25,000; female and PWD current, K7,500, proposal, K20,000; council chairperson male, current, K2,500, proposal, K10,000; female and PWD current, K2,500, proposal, K7,500,” the proposal read.

Meanwhile, councillors would be required to pay K2,500 from the current K 750,000.

“Councillors male (city/municipal) current, K750, proposal, K2,500; female and PWD current, K750, proposal K2,000; male (town/district) current, K400; proposal, K2,500; female and PWD current, K400; proposal, K2,000,” read the proposal.