THE UPND remains in denial that they are losing grip in their perceived strongholds, as evidenced by their losses in local government by-elections, says PF deputy national chairperson Davies Chama.

In an interview, Chama, who is also Defence Minister, argued that the UPND were fast-losing grip in their strongholds, but wouldn’t admit it because they have never conceded defeat.

“The UPND are like a sick person, who is in denial when they find that person with a disease. They have always been in denial. Have you ever heard of UPND from the time they started participating in elections? Especially after president Hakainde Hichilema took over from the late Anderson Mazoka, he has never accepted defeats. From president (Levy) Mwanawasa, he never accepted; president Rupiah Banda, he never accepted, even president Michael Sata, who came from far behind. UPND was formed a long time ago, but PF only formed in 2001, but we came and surpassed them! It is a signal that people are fed up because they (UPND) are anti-development. They have always been asking their members of parliaments and councillors not to cooperate with us. But it is the government that brings development. They know that UPND is not taking them anywhere and they will be walloped badly! They will cry next year because they will be defeated badly,” said Chama.

“Remember, when we were in opposition, PF never lost to MMD, if anything, we used to grab their seats, we used to defend our seats. But them, in their so-called strongholds, which is no longer their strongholds in North-Western Province, they have lost it! In Western Province, they have lost it and basically they are wiped! The Zambian people are looking forward to a party that is committed to the transformation agenda of this country. This country is being transformed beyond recognition. And within a short period we have been in power, this country has changed drastically and it will continue to change. And in the next 20-30 years, this country will be transformed beyond recognition. The UPND are in denial; they can’t even see change in their own bedroom. So, I can assure that the PF has come to change the way we do things. And for us, we are focused. They can be in denial, but they will cry in 2021 and finally abandon their leader.”

On Monday, UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma argued that the ruling Patriotic Front would badly be defeated in the 2021 general election because it will not have the resources to bribe every voter like it had during by-elections.

The ruling party boasted winning 10 out of 15 ward by-elections, including in Kasempa District of North-Western Province, among others.