PATRIOTIC Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says it pains him that ministers who hail from Luapula Province are being targeted with corruption allegations.

And Mwila says Zambians should give the ruling party an opportunity to govern the country for the next five years because PF has shown what it is capable of doing.

Meanwhile, Mwila says alliances do not work in Zambia.

Speaking when he addressed party officials in Mansa, Friday, Mwila wondered if people who hailed from Luapula were thieves.

“Eifyo ba (Nickson) Chilangwa ba chila landa ati bai kata uyu, bai kata uyu ni, jealous fye. (Ronald) Chitotela fyaile kwi? (This is what Chilangwa was saying that they keep on arresting government officials, it is just jealousy. Where did Chitotela’s case end up?) Elo ndaipusha pantu ifwe elo twali abaiche twa tampa ukulalolesha (When we were young, we were observing this) ba (Frederick) Chiluba babasenda…(he got arrested), from Luapula, Xavier Chungu from Luapula, Chitotela from Luapula, (Chitalu) Chilufya from Luapula, so ifwe ni fwebo bakabolala? (Are we the only thieves?)” Mwila asked.

“Those are the questions I am raising. This province yaliba (it is) stable politically. The Luapula people are very good. I am saying this because I am from Luapula so sometimes it pains me to see how my brothers are suffering, but we will pull through. God is with us. Fyonse nga wa chetekela muli lesa tapaba ichakosa (when you put faith in God, there is nothing that is difficult).”

And Mwila boasted that only the Patriotic Front had done a lot of work for Zambia since independence.

“We are going to field President Edgar Lungu in 2021 as our candidate, that is the position of the party, that is the position of the central committee. People are scared of President Edgar Lungu. Nabeshiba ati nga aba pa ballot paper, ninshi naba lusa (They know that if his name appears on the ballot paper, they will lose) because of the developmental agenda that he has taken. Airport tayali filya (we have rehabilitated the airports), twalibika (we constructed) Kawambwa- Mushota Road. Twabika nachi, secondary, (we built a secondary school) na (and) Kawambwa-Luwingu Road under PF twabika na (and we constructed the ) Mansa-Luwingu Road. Twilalaba (we should not forget). Twabika nama ( we have constructed) township roads. Isukulu yaba katolika baliwamya ba President batuletelako nomwakubika umuti province yonse. Ifingi fileisa (The President rehabilitated a Catholic school and he even built a storage facility where medicine is stored. And many more is yet to come),” he said.

“It is only Patriotic Front which has done a lot more than any other political party since independence. What we have done in nine years, we have done wonders as PF. In terms of infrastructure development, no one will beat PF! Imisebo, Zambia yonse yalionaike (the roads were in a terrible state) President (Michael) Sata came up with this program and President Lungu has continued with that program of building Zambia.”

He said the people of Zambia should give the ruling party a chance to rule again for the next five years.

“Tefyonse twingachita muli (we cannot do everything in) nine years. UNIP ruled this country for 27 years, MMD, 20 years, we are saying the people of Zambia tupeniko chance tubombeko (people of Zambia, give us an opportunity to work). We are a pro-poor party, our pronouncements are based on what is contained in the manifesto. We have the developmental agenda. Nangu balande (even if they say) we are corrupt pa social media…Ifwe inchito kubomba, abantu ba ka vota (our job is to work, people are the ones who vote) based on what we have done. We have done wonders. President Lungu is a man of his word. Even us, let’s get ready for 2021. Some people are saying I am campaigning. I am not campaigning. My job as the secretary general is to see the structures and hear their challenges. And I have to check how the party is going.”

Meanwhile, Mwila said alliances in Zambia do not work.

He also said NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili could not be Head of State because he was a joker.

“I was hearing that the NDC is in alliance with the UPND. Ba Kambwili is ready to work with HH. Twalibebele (we told) Kambwili, you can’t run this country, you can’t be a President. You are a joker. And even that alliance can’t work. Alliances don’t work in Zambia” Mwila asked.

Mwila said if UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema led the country, the people of Zambia would suffer because he was a dictator.

Takwaba na party ishyakwata (there is no party that doesn’t have a) general conference. If you give HH this country, the people of Zambia will suffer because he is a dictator. Democracy itampa mu (starts from the ) party then you go to the country. The current constitution is very clear, if anyone doesn’t pass through the conference so that he is elected as president, he can’t qualify to stand, it ends there.”

Meanwhile, Mwila said Democratic Party leader Harry Kalaba should swallow his pride and return to the ruling party.