UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka says Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja and his deputy Bonny Kapeso have failed to run the command as evidenced by their failure to detain Eastern Province PF youth Emmanuel J Banda alias Jay Jay.

And Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo says officers saw it appropriate to charge Jay Jay with aggravated assault rather than aggravated robbery.

In an interview, Mucheleka wondered what was so special about Jay Jay that even police officers feared him.

“This is getting too much. We can’t continue with such stupidity and mediocrity by the police starting with Kanganja himself and Kapeso together with whoever is in the police service. These are all useless people, good for nothing. You are aware that if anyone is accused of aggravated robbery, there is no police bond. What message is Kanganja and Kapeso sending to the rest of us? Just a week ago, Kapeso was all over the headlines trying to behave as if he can be trusted, but there he is wasting our time. What is so special about this Jay Jay? Being feared by the police themselves? Now people want to say’ the problem is with (Stephen) Kampyongo, Home Affairs Minister, the problem is with President Lungu, no the problem is with the command itself! At what point will our women and men in uniform take responsibility? How can they drive us to such levels? How can we denigrate to such levels? It is a clear case of animal farm! Broken down rule of law. It makes me feel sad,” said Mucheleka.

“Surely, what nonsense is this? And somebody wants to go on the radio to talk about the police and the community and how we can trust them? Even if they say ‘there is interference by Kampyongo and Lungu’, why not resign? Why can’t they take a leaf from that junior officer who resigned? They have procured weapons to attack innocent people and they are failing to deal with that criminal because he is a PF cadre. They only come to show that they have muscle when they are dealing with the opposition, it is very silly, and it’s annoying! This is why I have singled out Kapeso and Kanganja who are trying to give an impression that there is something he can do within the police service when they know very well that they are just lame ducks!”

And when asked why Jay Jay was charged with aggravated assault, police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo said, “You will follow the matter in court. Officers saw it appropriate that they charge him like wise.”

In July, Banda mobilised PF cadres and stormed Lusaka Central Police where they beat up some unsuspecting officers on duty and got away with an undisclosed amount of money, belonging to one of the officers.

Sources say the incident happened after the C5 anti-robbery squad shot and killed a suspect earlier, who happens to be a relative to Banda. The suspected robber died after sustaining four bullet wounds.

This infuriated the PF official who demanded to meet the officers involved in the shooting incident. However, the officers did not comply, prompting Banda to mobilise cadres and besiege the provincial police headquarters, with at least one visible firearm.

Banda had been on the run until Wednesday morning when he handed himself over to the police. He was arrested and charged for aggravated assault before being granted bond.