THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says it is ready to start the mobile voter registration exercise which is expected to commence on Wednesday, October 28, 2020.

And the Commission says it has recorded 75,000 complete registrations on its online pre registration platform.

In an interview, Monday, ECZ acting public relations manager Sylvia Bwalya said the Commission had concluded all preparations for the commencement of the mobile voters registration.

“The Commission is ready, we conducted the training of trainers, then also the technical staff who are supposed to assist in the field, they were also trained. The assistant registration officers skills training came to an end on Saturday. The Commission is set, we have been conducting publicity and voter education. We have voter education facilitators on the ground who are our foot soldiers that are going around sensitizing people on voter registration,” Bwalya said.

“We are using various platforms as well including social media TV radio and newspapers just to inform people about the voters registration exercise. So we are set. The Commission continues to engage the political parties and the doors are still opened for political parties to engage the commission.”

And Bwalya said 75,000 people had successfully pre-registered to vote.

“We have 75,000 complete applications and then we have 130,000 like those who have logged in like the users, so the total number of users is 130,000. Complete applications are 75,000. I think we are progressing, people are coming in, everyday we are getting an improvement. So it is not stuck, we are moving. So yes, we can do better and we can only encourage people to continue to pre register online because we are still not yet closed even if we are going to mobile voter registration. So they can still pre register online and then go to the physical registration center,” said Bwalya.