PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says the ruling Patriotic Front has decided not to talk too much but to work hard and just point at all their achievements next year, to the embarrassment of those who have wished them evil.

And President Lungu says the Correctional Service Bill will soon be tabled in Parliament to facilitate a paradigm shift to help the Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) achieve its strategic objectives.

Speaking when he handed over a fleet of 200 motor vehicles to the ZCS in Kabwe, Friday, President Lungu said his party would just be pointing at their works as they seek re-election next year.

“I reiterate my call to you commissioner general to ensure that with the farming equipment procured and some of your farms mechanized, we need to begin to see a return on investment. I want to inform you that we have all the confidence in you, and the entire Zambia Correctional Service, that you will deliver the expected results. My government will also continue doing its part, especially on the funds that have not yet been released under the irrigation development support project,” President Lungu said.

“I wish to remind the correctional service command that my government is closely monitoring the progress of this project because it is one of our strategic investments in boosting food security in the nation. I wish, therefore, to direct the commissioner general to ensure that the project is operational. Ladies and gentleman, we have decided in PF not to talk too much but to work too much so that when the time comes to point at what we have done next year, we will just be pointing to the charging and annoyance of some of those people who wish us evil,”

He said the vehicles were procured at a huge cost, foregoing the huge challenges people faced.

“As I visit Kabwe today, I am delighted to be officially handing over the last consignment of a fleet of 200 motor vehicles to the Zambia correctional service. I am here to demonstrate my government’s resolve and commitment towards the affairs of the Zambia Correctional Service, as one of the important institutions in the criminal justice system of the Republic of Zambia. The handover of motor vehicles today is a fulfilment of the contract signed between the Ministry of Home Affairs and Polytechnologies company of China. I wish to mention that apart from the 44 twin cab vans and 70 light trucks which I am handing over today, government also procured 45 buses, 20 tractors, 20 disc harrows, 15 ambulances, six combine harvesters, three bulldozers and 44 industrial gensets under the same polytech contract,” he said.

“I wish to remind you that government procured these vehicles at a huge cost, foregoing all other challenges our people are facing. These vehicles were bought for your institution to realise its potential. As Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the defence forces, I expect you and all the officers in the rank and file of the Zambia Correctional Service, to take care of these vehicles and farm equipment. It would sadden me to begin receiving reports that the service has no operational vehicles primarily because of the carelessness of some individuals.”

He said government was in the process of repealing and replacing the prisons act.

“My government has ably supported the Zambia Correctional Service in its role as a gatekeeper of the criminal justice system in the country. The Zambia Correctional Service plays an important role in maintaining internal security in the nation through the provision of custodial and rehabilitation services to the offenders. Unfortunately, in the past, the service received insufficient support from government to enable it to carry out its mandate effectively. But my administration believes that with a neglected correctional service, there can never be a complete justice system. Government is in the process of repealing and replacing the prisons act cap. 97 of 1965. The correctional service bill will soon be tabled in parliament to facilitate a paradigm shift to help the service achieve its strategic objectives,” said President Lungu.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said he hoped to see the Zambia Correctional Service contributing greatly to ensuring national food security.