LUMEZI constituency aspiring candidate Munir Zulu has abandoned the ruling party, claiming that Eastern Province PF chairperson Andrew Lubusha has constantly been fighting him.

In an audio recording, Thursday, Zulu announced that he would now be standing as an Independent member of parliament in Lumezi following his departure from the ruling party, which had been necessitated by constant infighting instigated by Lubusha.

“I am doing this voice note purely to say goodbye to those I consider friends genuinely. I am also saying goodbye to those I consider comrades within the Patriotic Front. Comrades, I have reached a stage where I have got to make a political decision, a decision that will injure some people, a decision that will make some people wake up from slumber, a decision that maybe will expose the happenings in our party that lies have short legs. Comrades, I cherish the ideas of the PF, I believe in the leadership of President Lungu unreservedly. Comrades, I am afraid that some of you will distance yourselves from associating with me because of the decision I am making. I have prayed and I think this is the best decision,” Zulu said.

“I do not like to fight. I have been fought by the likes of Andrew Lubusha (Eastern Province PF chairperson) for so many years when in fact I am not even their business competitors. The only sin I have committed is not to refer to Lubusha as boss. Comrades, I have received so many phone calls, from so many political parties, but I wish to state categorically I am not going to apply for adoption on any political party ticket for a simple reason. I am in the position of all the basic requirements to stand as member of parliament for Lumezi constituency, Lusaka Central, Nalolo constituency or any other constituency. But I have made a decision to stand as a member of parliament for Lumezi constituency as Munir Zulu. I am not going to stand or I am not going to apply for adoption on the PF ticket party ticket. This, in my opinion, will make my job a little bit easier. Aspiring for public office should not make one create enemies, but it seems my candidature has brought more enemies than friends. For the love of fellow human beings, those that have the privileges of having power and those that do not have, I will stand as me so that people that are in a perpetual habit of causing confusion do not bring me in their equation. If Andrew has issues with me, let him fight me as me and not because he holds a title of provincial chairman.”

He accused Lubusha of being the main character fighting him within the ruling party.

“I will be glad if I go on my campaign trail, Andrew fights me as a person, as an Easterner, as a Zambian than him fighting me because I have aspired for public office under the Patriotic Front. So, I leave this group knowing very well that I have tried my level best to be at peace. I leave this blog a happy person that I have reasoned with my conscience that me aspiring for public office has nothing to do with hatred for those that intend to compete with me on a political journey. I wish you well. I wish you the very best. I am done and please, admin, don’t add me back because some of you believe in the structures when some of us are not in those structures. We do not intend to put anyone in harm’s way, I leave and I will meet some of you; we will meet as brothers with a common goal making a better life for all. From this moment, if Andrew Lubusha has anything against me, let him come to me as Munir Zulu,” said Zulu.

“He should not come to me as PF aspiring candidate. Yes, he could hold that position in perpetuity, which we do not intend to hold, but at least this time around, our reactions to him will not be based on us aspiring for public office under the same party. This is a man that has differed with anyone that has progressive ideas, but tolerated by the party. Some of us have our own principles and ideals that we subscribe to and we are not going to be sold to anyone that doesn’t mean well for this country. So, this is my message and is official.”