UPND chairman for agriculture Levy Ngoma has thanked well-wishers after he survived a road traffic accident he was involved in Nyimba District, saying he is fine as all the scans proved that nothing got broken during the potentially life-threatening incident.

In an interview, Ngoma, the former Sinda MMD member of parliament who spoke in Chichewa, thanked God for surviving the road traffic accident and was grateful for the well-wishers for wishing him a speedy recovery following the incident.

Ngoma was involved in an accident, Sunday around 02.00 hours as he was travelling to Sinda District together with his niece when he experienced a head-on of collision with a speeding truck.

He was subsequently taken to Nyimba Hospital while his niece was taken to Kacolora Hospital.

“Good morning, good afternoon parents. Everything is okay. To those who heard of the accident I was involved in. Accidents do happen and what is important is that God is great as we are very much strong and fit! Yes, I am out of the hospital, we were taken in to Nyimba Hospital, then from there, we were referred to Lusaka UTH where they went to do all the scans and masikani yonse yacoka kuti kulibe kanthu kotsukunyika (shaken) koma kuti vonse vili cabe bwino. Even now, as I am speaking right up now, nili panyumba ndithu. The message is that I am fine and aluta continua!” Ngoma said.

Earlier, provincial UPND secretary Paul Daka called on all party members to relax and be calm as their senior party official was now out of danger.

“Let’s remain calm and pray to God as the Honourable Ngoma is very okay as I travelled to see him in Nyimba Hospital before being evacuated to Lusaka’s UTH. And when I called Lusaka today, I am told he is very much okay and he might be discharged,” said Daka.