LUSAKA Provincial Minister Bowman Lusambo says not only does he have a a grade 12 certificate, he is also currently studying for a Masters in Leadership and Strategy at the University of Zambia.

And Lusambo says he follows the COVID-19 guidelines but that people follow him because they are attracted to him.

Meanwhile, Lusambo says he uses Constituency Development Fund to empower his people.

Speaking when he featured on Diamond TV’s Diamond Live programme, Tuesday evening, Lusambo said he was not obliged to post his school certificates on social media because they were personal.

“I have been to school from grade one up to grade seven. From grade eight to grade 12. I have gone to Mulungushi University and I have a grade 12 certificate. Because of the die hard overalls, they were thinking maybe he has never been to school. I have been to school and I am still studying a Masters in leadership and strategy through University of Zambia so to those people who think maybe Bowman Lusambo has no grade 12 certificate, I have,” Lusambo said.

When challenged to publicise his documents, Lusambo said they were personal.

“That is my personal document and I went to school alone. My parents paid for my school fees and I am not obliged to show my documents to any other person unless I am looking for a job and I will show those documents to a company which I want to join. And in this case, I will give my documents to the right people, the secretariat, the constituency, the district, and the province. My documents are not public documents, they are my personal documents. Why should we flash our documents on social media?” he asked.

And Lusambo people said people followed him because of President Edgar Lungu’s developmental agenda.

“You will agree with me that we have been so committed to the fight against COVID-19. You have been seeing how we have been working not only here in Lusaka but even in our constituencies to sensitise the people on the dangers of this pandemic of COVID-19. The benefits of his hard work Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, people out there are very excited to see any individual who is associated with His Excellency Edgar Chagwa. We don’t call people. They just follow us because of the good things that His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu is doing to the general public. He has transformed this country. When my boss issued that statement, I was just passing through the flyover bridge and I told my friend that efiletuletelela ifi (this is what is causing trouble for us) because people are excited. I can assure you that if you came to the Copperbelt, Luanshya in particular and Ndola on Friday, you will bear with me that it is not me or any of our members who call those people. Because of the excitement, seeing development which His Excellency has brought to this country,” Lusambo said.

“He has brought unprecedented development and people are excited when they see Bowman the bulldozer, definitely, they will come out. It is not me. We don’t call people they are attracted to us because of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. For example, the Friday event in Ndola, we said we were going to drop our application letter to our constituency executive and I was at home. My constituency chairperson called me that ‘we have a lot of people waiting for you’. We can’t chase them.”

Meanwhile, Lusambo said he was using CDF to empower people in his constituency.

“My job as MP is to empower my people. For example, I have CDF for my constituency and we decide how to use that money. It is government money that we decide with my team how to use that money. If we decide to give marketers money so that we can improve their working capital, that is okay with us. If that money we decide we are going to do drainages in the constituency, that is okay with us because we first of all, pick the most empowerment which will have effect on the people…We have money as constituencies, we get money for development in each and every constituency, even Jack Mwiimbu gets. Each one of us is given,” said Lusambo, who has previously boasted that he has businesses which enable him to make huge donations.