CHIPANGALI PF aspiring member of parliament Andrew Lubusha says people need an active representative, rather than a politician who only resurfaces in an election year.

In an interview, Wednesday, Lubusha who was until March 9, 2021, Eastern Province PF chairman, said he had already done a lot for the constituency.

Currently, the Chipangali seat is held by Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Vincent Mwale.

“The mood is very okay and the campaigns are going on well. I am optimistic about becoming a member of parliament. Call the people of Chipangali randomly if you have any number from Chipangali and you will be impressed by the response you are going to get. I have received overwhelming support from people of all the walks of life, the churches, the traditional leaderships, the party, the general public, the civil service and so on. I am extremely sure that I am what they want. One important benefit that the people of Chpiganli will get from me, I have been visiting each and every corner of Chipangali and they are people who have never seen how an MP looks like ever since they were born. I have found such people within Chipangali. The biggest benefit that they will get is that when I get into office, I am not going to go for good and only resurface after an election year. That is the major challenge the people of Chipangali have been seeing. So without mentioning anybody, you can put it that I will be a Chipangali MP throughout not just an election year no,” Lubusha said.

Lubusha said despite being an aspiring MP for Chipangali Constituency, he had already constructed a number of roads in the area.

“Instead of just doing the talking, I have decided to be action oriented. There has never ever been any individual in the history of politics who has ever constructed a road in Chipangali. I have constructed 54 kilometers of a very critical and important road. Above that in the next few weeks I am launching another road. Further I am launching another road starting from Mukanda turnoff and all the way up to Chieftainess Mukanda’s palace and all the way up to Chief Chanje’s palace. I am showing people if I can do that before I become a member of parliament, what more when I become a member of parliament. Then I have done a number of boreholes, I am not going to Chipangali to say that if you vote for me this is what I am going to do for you. So I have gone to Chipangali and I am already showing the people what I am capable of doing. In Kapatamoyo we are constructing a secondary school block, a one by three. There is no secondary school and they have never been a secondary school there,” Lubusha said.

“I have donated thousands and thousands of cement to schools and churches. I have not been promising, I am doing them. All the 14 clinics of Chipangali, I have bought 10 beds and 10 clinical mattresses and 20 blankets in all the clinics. We have started delivering to clinics and in the next two weeks we will finish delivering. Then there is hunger, I would like to thank President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Chipangali has equally benefited. I refuse to watch President Lungu to labour alone, the country is just too big, so I have equally been buying truck loads of 25KG of mealie meal and donating to each and every ward, just to supplement what government is giving them. You know the country is too big, we can’t just leave everything upon the government. Even us individuals who are in business, who are in party positions, the elective positions can also come on board and try to cushion government on the good efforts that it is making. I think we will have a better Eastern Province and a better Chipangali. ”

Lubusha said what he had done for Chipangali Constituency had never been witnessed before in the constituency.

“What I am telling you are things that the people of Chipangali have never ever seen or witnessed from any of their members of parliament. I mean am just an aspiring member of parliament, just imagine if I was elected to be their representative, what more can I do if I am doing what I am currently doing. We have a number of clinics where I have pumped in resources. I am a very strong man. I have been a youth chairman all my life. I know that nothing comes easy and I have seen it all,” said Lubusha.