PRESIDENTIAL Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe says he expects Zambians to vote for the PF this August because the ruling party has performed beyond people’s expectations.

In an interview, Sikazwe, who is also Mpulungu PF member of parliament, said the PF government had exceeded Zambians’ expectations in delivering on its developmental agenda, a situation he feels merits their re-election.

He also urged Zambians to continue bearing with government because some of the hardships citizens were enduring were not deliberate.

“I expect Zambians to vote for the PF because they have seen the developmental agenda that the PF has undertaken; we have changed the face of the country the way we have changed the economy. I think this party has done beyond the expectations of the people that is why the opposition have nothing to talk about, they just criticise. Yes, nobody is refusing that we are undergoing difficult times because of COVID, meaning whoever is promising that ‘he is going to do better…’ Unless they are telling me they have got the cure to COVID. We are appealing to Zambians that they have to bear with the PF, not that we are doing things deliberately. Some of the hardships we are going through is because of the current situation in the world,” Sikazwe said.

“We prayed to God that he had given us enough rains this year; we did our part as government; we did wonders where farmers received inputs on time, and God also responded: he gave us rains, we are comfortable. We expect a bumper harvest, meaning the price of the staple food will remain constant or might even come down because we have enough food. We feel, so far so good, we are on the right path despite passing through these hardships that we have gone through. We hope Zambians are appreciative, they should also see that this government of President Edgar Lungu is with them. There are a lot of projects we have brought to try and help the living standards of people. I am hopeful that Zambians are really appreciating what is happening and hoping that they will vote 100 per cent; I’m sure they will vote for President Lungu and the PF to continue leading Zambia.”

And Sikazwe claimed that the UPND’s popularity was dwindling on account of its diminished party structures in Northern Province.

“How can people fail to make a decision who to vote for because people can only vote for someone who has given them an agenda? President Lungu has shown his agenda and what he intends to do. Other people are just asking to be voted into power without giving an agenda. There is no way somebody can come and say, ‘I will change the economy’ without telling Zambians what he intends to do. The only change we hear is to say, ‘I will sell the plane.’ Having served for 10 years, I have not seen the mood changing. Some of us are wondering how they (opposition) are going to win because we can see that their popularity is dwindling. In Northern Province, the party (UPND) is completely finished! Let us just wait for the August election, that is what is going to prove,” said Sikazwe, who also confirmed his intention to recontest his seat.