UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says some members of the opposition party’s National Management Committee (NMC) have gained weight from stolen money given to them by PF.

And Hichilema says there is no competition between PF and UPND as the former is driven by selfish motives while the latter seeks to diligently serve the Zambian people.

Speaking at a press briefing, Thursday, Hichilema expressed his frustration over some double-dealing members of the NMC who were conniving with PF to destroy UPND.

“The state has become a killing machine abducting people at homes in front of their wives, in front of their children. You in the UPND NMC here you are a provincial leader, you go to a party that is abducting your fellow citizens. Are you normal? Who are you? Don’t you have a heart for the people? From here you are attending this press briefing, in the night, PF is brings you cash to go and undermine citizens of Zambia, you are not undermining UPND, you are undermining citizens of Zambia. Mwayina natuvumo ndalama zakuba. Uziba ndalama bamipasa ba PF iyi ni oxygen bachosa mu hospital bantu bakufa kulibe oxygen, bakupasa ndalalama ati uononge chipani cha UPND. Suononga UPND, suononga HH, you are destroying your children (you have gained weight from stolen money. You know, the money they are giving you is meant for buying oxygen in hospitals, people are dying because there is lack of oxygen. Then they give you this money to destroy HH, to destroy UPND. You are not destroying UPND neither are you destroying HH),” Hichilema said.

“God gave you grey matter to think, use it to think. Those who fought for independence died along the way, they died for you and me. Search your conscience; those of us here today. If the mwankoles are speaking to you in the night, giving you money, I already gave you a formula. They give you K10,000, tell them I have 20 voters, give me K20,000. Waiyika mutumba wayangana kwinangu ati nakuchita kuyipa vote niya change (You put the money in your pocket, look the other way and say ‘I have outsmarted you, the vote is for change’). Then you are a clever person. You are cheating nobody by taking stolen money and you begin to act against yourself. That is like a certain insect that eats itself from the bottom. If we had people like that during the 60s, the British people will still be here. Don’t reduce yourself to a beggar.”

And Hichilema said there was no competition between PF and UPND.

“There is no competition between PF and UPND, there is none, it doesn’t exist. It only exists in the mind of corrupt people. Our intentions are clear to seek public office, to serve the people of Zambia, to serve them diligently, to serve them in a smart way. That is why we are going to reverse the Cyber Security law. We love the people of Zambia, we care for you. We will work for you day and night. That is what we know best, to work hard. Not to go in office to steal from the people. To steal from the orphans to steal from the retirees. You call yourself a businessman. What business did you do to buy a helicopter? We have been in business for 30 plus years, we know what it is. What business did you run? A ka lodge? That is state money! Give it back to the people who need it in the hospitals,” he said.

“I feel very ashamed that Zambians are going to bed without food in a rich country like this. I take personal shame. You must take personal shame that in a country that God gave so much, people are hungry. The youths have no jobs. I am ashamed of that I want to wash my shame, help me wash my shame by campaigning for change, by turning out to vote in big numbers by protecting the vote.”

Meanwhile, Hichilema said he received messages every night to the effect that police would come to pick him.

“Every night, I receive messages that tonight they are coming to pick you up. To pick me up for what? Why do you come in the night? Come in the day tell me what crime I have committed, I will be at the police, you will talk to me, you will find I have not committed any crime. I will go back to my house, don’t disturb my children. It’s me you want, leave my wife. Send me a police call out I will come. Stop attacking Zambians. Release Sejani it must be embarrassing to keep people 12 days when the law says 48 hours when you arrest somebody they must be taken to court, it means they were arrested without a crime. What they want is to keep those in so that they don’t file for nominations, they will file for nominations, I will file for nominations, this is not your country. We own it equally, we are the same! Do not fear that HH will not file, why shouldn’t I file my nomination?” asked Hichilema.