PF lawyer and Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube says Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) still has some criminal connotation which have not yet been cleared, and as such, the ruling party could not allow him to contest any position at the just ended national convention.

And Ngulube says it is him who woke up judges in the night to help President Edgar Lungu’s candidature in 2015 and not KBF as he claims.

Meanwhile, Ngulube has asked KBF to emulate NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili and former UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba by humbling himself and seeking forgiveness to rejoin the party.

In an interview, Saturday, Ngulube said the Patriotic Front was scared of KBF because of his alleged connection to criminal activities.

“I know KBF inside out. You remember recently he claimed that he is the one who went and woke up judges to help the President and so on. Things that Tutwa Ngulube did, KBF claims to have done them. I recollect myself that when Miles Sampa wanted to challenge his excellency the President, his lawyer that time was our Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu. I was representing the President. I was also representing the Vice-President. KBF was nowhere to be seen that time. When the PF was undergoing a serious problem, when the president died, President Sata, KBF was nowhere to be seen. When we fought all those battles, the President won, KBF was not there. So, he is trying to push his luck too far. If he fought so hard as he claims for the party, at least, there would have been some form of reward or some form of recognition. He has never come anywhere closer to the PF leadership. We don’t want to mention so many things, but just his character and so many times he has been suspended speaks volumes about why people are so scared of him,” Ngulube charged.

“People don’t want to work with KBF because they know that he is one man who says one word and does the opposite. I can tell you that there are many other reasons why KBF cannot be President of this country, one of them is that he cannot be trusted. There are a lot of other times when he was arrested by the Zambia Police. If you go to Kabwata Police, there is a record there to show why KBF was arrested. There was another time when you could see that KBF was caught red handed with stolen money in a bank. So, all those things we just want to remind him, to say look, we are not very dull people. We want to respect his opinion, but now that he has started opening up, we want to remind him also that we know very well that at some point he was implicated in a thuggery case. In the criminal connotations he has never been cleared by the courts. There are a number of suspensions that he has faced at LAZ, such that as PF we are so scared of his character that we can’t even trust him with a position of Member of Parliament,” he said.

And Ngulube challenged KBF to emulate NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili who has apologised to President Lungu and rejoined the PF.

“This is a man whose colours can change at any time. Unless he has forgotten, remind him. Remind him and say ‘KBF, there are some criminal allegations, tell us what happened and how that case ended’. Secondly, you can ask him that ‘you were caught with stolen money red handed in a bank’. So, all those things, don’t think we have forgotten them. All those claims that the President is not illegible, that the conference is illegal are coming because of his failed bid to manipulate the PF. If KBF was that important to us, he would have been rewarded by the party. We would have actually said ‘this is a senior member of the party and he has actually worked so hard, let’s reward him’. But he has never come any close to the PF leadership. Why didn’t Mr Sata reward him, why didn’t President Lungu reward him? Just tell him that ‘the people that are important to this party have found out that you are telling lies regarding this party’,” said Ngulube.

“And remind KBF that me, I have been rewarded by getting myself a place in the Central Committee because they know that this guy came to the PF as a boy and he has worked for the party tirelessly for 16 years. So why don’t we give him something and that’s how the President remembered me. Remind KBF that at some point, I was also expelled by the party, I realised that I had made a mistake. I went back, I knelt down and asked for forgiveness. I was forgiven. So, I was once fired but I came to my senses that’s why I have been rewarded. Let him humble himself. So even KBF himself, he should have asked for forgiveness the moment he was expelled. He should have said, I made a mistake, please forgive me. Look, Kambwili has come back to PF. GBM has come back to PF. I expelled GBM myself in 2015 together with Silvia Masebo. But today GBM is a member of the Central Committee. What that shows you is that the loyalty of a member is more important. But it’s never too late for KBF, he can still humble himself and come back like Kambwili and GBM.”