PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davies Mwila has announced that the party has adopted former Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu’s daughter, Iris to stand in Mwandi Constituency.

And Mwila has disclosed that the ruling party will this Wednesday launch its 2021-2026 manifesto.

Meanwhile, Mwila has disputed allegations that the ruling party plans to poison opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Speaking when he unveiled the party’s mayoral, council chairpersons and parliamentary candidates for Western Province, Monday, Mwila said the party had also decided to adopt Nalikwanda UPND member of parliament Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa.

“In Nalikwanda Constituency, we are going with Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa, the one who is coming from the UPND. Mongu Central constituency, we are going with Gwalela Simasiku. In Mulobezi constituency, we are going with the former DC for Mulobezi Albertina Mwanamwali. Mwandi Constituency (chuckles) we are going with the daughter of former minister, Iris Kaingu,” he said.

“Nkeyema Constituency, we are going with the former District Commissioner for Kalabo, Mrs Frida Luhila. Nalolo constituency, we are going with Enoch Mundia. Senanga constituency, we are going with the former PS for Southern Province, Mwangala Liomba. Sesheke constituency, we are going with Shaft Mukubesa. Sinjembela constituency, we are going with the former deputy Minister Poniso Njeulu. In Sioma, we are going with the independent MP Subulwa Mbololwa. If you look at the list, we have about six women whom we have adopted.”

He said in Sikongo Constituency, the party selected Kufuka Kufuka, while for Luena Constituency they picked Changamo Charles Kakoma.

“Sikongo we have picked our provincial chairman, former DC for Sioma Kufuka Kufuka. Kalabo Constituency, we looked at the people who applied, and the party decided to go with Dr Nasilele Mwanaumo the former CEO for National Road Fund. Liuwa Constituency, we are going with Mwangala Mwenda. Luena Constituency, we are going with Changamo Charles Kakoma. Luampa Constituency, we are going with Chibiya Maliti. Lukulu Constituency, we are going with Max Mbuji. Mangango, we are retaining our MP who won during the by-elections that was Godwin Putu. Kaoma Central Constituency, we are going with Hendson Mashowa, a businessman of Kaoma. Mitete Constituency, we are going with Twembuchi Malikana,” Mwila said.

He further announced that the party had adopted Namakando Muliyeya as council chairperson in Kalabo District.

“In Kalabo District, we have Namakando Muliyeya. In Kaoma District, Mukokwa Mukubesa and Limulunga District, we have Kabayo Masheke. In Luampa District, we have Bilex Chinyemba, Lukulu District, we have Kalwena Kambala. In Mitete District, we have Namasiku Kufekisa. In Mongu for Mayoral we have our former DC Tombi Tombi. Mwandi District, Akakulubelwa Mwilima, Nalolo District, Mubita Siyumbwa and Nkeyema District, Richard Simbula. In Senanga District, Manyama Mundia, in Sesheke District, Henry Muzungu, Shangombo District, Sikwela Sitonga. In Sikongo District, we have Kalengesa Njamba, Sioma District, Imbula Sinyinda and Mulobezi District Kalaluka Sateya,” Mwila said.

He also announced that President Edgar Lungu would officiate at the launch of the 2021-2026 PF manifesto on April 21, this year.

“Last year, the Central Committee appointed a committee of experts to revise the 2016 -2021 manifesto and came up with a new 2021-2026 PF manifesto. I am pleased to inform our members and the general public that the central committee has approved and adopted the PF 2021 -2026 party manifesto which will officially be launched by His Excellency President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu on Wednesday April 21, 2021 at Mulungushi International Conference Centre. The manifesto gives an account of all key policies, programs and projects that the PF has initiated, implemented since forming government in 2011. Further, the manifesto gives a clear road map of the policies, programs and projects that the PF intends to initiate and implement from 2021-2026 after winning the forthcoming general elections,” Mwila said.

Asked regarding the allegations that the ruling party planned to poison Hichilema, Mwila denied, saying it was not possible.

“How are we going to poison him? We don’t stay with him. If it’s poison then it’s the wife. It’s not possible for us to poison him, so those are false allegations. He is just politicking and I know people are becoming desperate because they know they are losing 2021 general elections. They know they don’t have the numbers. We told them ‘let’s mobilize our people to go and register’ they were busy celebrating the defeat of Bill 10. We were busy mobilizing people. HH now has to retire, come 12th August, we are very much ready,” said Mwila.