PRINCE Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika says there is something fundamentally wrong with the political cultural and constitutional system in Zambia.

On Monday, PF announced its mayoral, council chairpersons and parliamentary adopted candidates for Western Province, among them former Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu’s daughter Iris.

Reacting to the development in an interview, Prince Lewanika said there was something fundamentally wrong with Zambian systems.

He noted that it didn’t matter which candidate was adopted, because the system ruled.

“If I have a message for them (political parties), it is not about adopting the same people into the same system. If they are adopting people in the same system, it doesn’t matter who they adopt because the system rules. There is something fundamentally wrong with Zambian systems, political culture and constitution.You have personalised power. Whether you are a member of parliament or not, whether you are adopted or not, if it is the same system, then it has the same characteristics, it is the same results. It doesn’t matter which MP you have, they are all going to go into Parliament and vote fearfully along party lines regardless of issues. If they make any changes, there will be changes towards further personalising power. And of course, they have already shown those signs that even when you want to be adopted, you cannot be adopted unless you have some chitenge,” Prince Lewanika observed.

“If the Zambian people are not able to face what is fundamentally wrong in Zambia, then they are doing business as usual and they will get the same results. They should understand what is fundamentally wrong and dangerous beyond personality and political parties and resolve to change that. To start with, they have to indicate that they are concerned about it. We are not dealing with fundamental issues. As long as you are just accepting the status quo, you will get the same results. It doesn’t matter what party you change, what president you change. If you don’t change the whole system from its root, you are doing nothing. That is the real challenge. It seems Zambia is stuck in the same mud.”

The Prince, however, said Kaingu should not be judged because of her past.

“There are people who are still sinning in nice clothes, big cars, they have big houses, they speak good English and they go to church. They donate money to churches, are they morally superior? No. Okay, let us assume she did what she did and she was exposed, how many years is that? How many more years should it be? What is she supposed to do? Just die and start making movies? I think the greatest immorality is hypocrisy. Jesus hardly condemned people but he condemned hypocrisy. That is the bit of Christianity I like. The same Christians talk about forgiveness, they pray every day. Jesus even gave them a prayer to forgive others,” said Prince Lewanika.