UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka says President Edgar Lungu is the easiest candidate to beat in this August elections.

Commenting on Kabwe Central PF member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube’s remarks that it will not be easy to remove President Edgar Lungu from State House, Mucheleka charged that Ngulube was hallucinating.

He further wondered what the ruling Patriotic Front had done to be re-elected.

“It is the easiest thing to do. The will of the people can triumph over what Tutwa is talking about and it will happen. The power in our Constitution is vested in the people of Zambia. He can hallucinate, ultimately we have the power through the majority of the Zambians. It will be so easy. How did we manage to remove (Kenneth) Kaunda? We thought he was the almighty. The people defeated Kaunda. In 2011, the people defeated the mighty MMD. What is it that PF has done to think it will be difficult for them to be removed from power? They have not delivered except from corruption and political violence. This economy is on its knees, the rule of law has broken down. Only a few individuals are benefiting. People are hungry and angry. He is the easiest candidate to beat. Whatever they do, it will not work. They will try to interfere with the Electoral Commission of Zambia and other institutions but it will not work,” said Mucheleka.

Recently, Ngulube said in an interview that if renowned lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Felix Mutati thought it was easy to unseat President Lungu, they should ask opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.

“The President of the PF, Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu is not a President for three people only, he is a President for all the regions. And he has demonstrated it by the fact that he has constituted a well-balanced Central Committee. If they think it is that easy to remove President Lungu, let them ask HH. He will tell them that President Lungu is simple in looking, even now HH is shivering because he knows that this is a man of the people. Whether they put 1,000 of them, we are not scared. They will even struggle to raise the 1,000 supporters for the presidential supporters,” said Ngulube.

“All of them are lame ducks, Felix Mutati, KBF whoever they have partnered with, they don’t have regional votes which can scare us. All of them put together, I don’t think they can even get 100,000 votes. This is a presidential election, a general election and from what I know, KBF even if he formed his political party, he doesn’t have what it takes to be President. And the people of Zambia don’t have a vacancy at State House, we have a Head of State and he is willing to take on Zambians for another five years. We do not see any slight chance of those people forming government not even having members of parliament and councillors. I can even say that that pact is a tribal pact meant to propagate the wishes of a small clique of people. This is not about three egoistic, power hungry individuals, this is about the governance of this country.”