KABWE Central PF aspiring candidate Tutwa Ngulube says the UPND should stop complaining about being blocked from campaigning because they are now paying for their sins for turning down the enactment of Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10.

And Ngulube says diplomats, who are trying to instigate a change of government, will be “chucked out” of the country.

Speaking during the 2021 PF Virtual Rally, Wednesday, Ngulube said UPND parliamentarians refused to amend the Public Order Act which was supposed to level the playing field.

“Today as we speak, we are just from talking about the last parliamentary session where members of parliament wanted to have constituencies that are manageable. Members of parliament were complaining that they cannot have a parliament of 158 constituencies and yet we have few female and youth members of parliament. One of the laws that was going to bring those changes was the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10. Women are in the majority of voters but the UPND parliamentary candidates boycotted and made sure that Bill 10 was not supported. They are crying,” Ngulube said.

“The same people who shot down Bill 10 which wanted to increase the number of women in Parliament are now crying that they want more women in Parliament. The same people who shot down bill number 10 and those who actually opposed government laws, today they are crying that Hakainde Hichilema is being blocked from campaigning. We told the UPND that we can change the Public Order Act so that we level the playing field but they refused. So why do they want to cry today that the police are not being fair when they are the ones who stopped the police from doing a good job? We want to remind them that the same way you refused women and youths to be in parliament and refused to get the Public Order Act, they are now paying for their sins.”

Ngulube insisted that the Zambian people had no reason to change government because his party had delivered massive development.

“Today as I am speaking, Zambia is better than the PF found it because we are getting the support we are getting. If you go to Lusaka, Copperbelt, Southern, North Western and Eastern Provinces, you cannot fail to see major roads that have been constructed by the PF. You cannot fail to see what kind of development the PF is doing. As a young lawyer, I had the privilege of representing pensioners who have not been paid for decades from the time UNIP left government in 1991. The government of President Edgar Lungu has made sure that 97 percent of the pensioners have been paid. The people of Kabwe Central and Bwacha and Central Province in general have no reason for changing government because we have seen that from the time the PF government came into power, more people have been employed as teachers, police officers among others. And for that, we promise that the people of Kabwe Central and Bwacha, we are going to give the President 100% votes,” Ngulube stated.

“We are sending him into retirement next week. I also know that all this infrastructure in Lusaka and all this load shedding has come to an end and all the problems that the Zambian people were complaining about have been dealt with. So the people of Lusaka and Central Provinces have no reason to change government. The majority of the drought that we saw in the history of this country, the government has invested heavily and there is no load shedding. So why change the government when all the problems that people were facing have been dealt with? Come next week, the people of Zambia must turn up in numbers and queue up as early as 04:00 hours in the morning to defend their rights. They are threatening farmers and saying anyone who will vote for PF will be attacked. Our soldiers are on duty. We want to tell all the cadres that the moment you carry a gun, you are no longer a cadre. You need to be dealt with by the soldiers. The soldiers are patrolling and it means the people of Zambia are safe. The people of Zambia have learned his tricks and this time the margin will not even be small. We are going to wallop them. We are telling the people that the best way to go is to maintain the PF in power.”

Meanwhile, Ngulube said diplomats who were trying to instigate a change of government would be “chucked out” of the country.

“Our Diplomats belonging to other countries that are coming to work in Zambia are busy trying to initiate government change. We want to tell them that as a diplomat, our law is very clear that you can be chucked out of this country. You can be declared a persona non grata and be sent home. I am Zambian but I cannot go to another country and tell them to change government. If you are a diplomat, remain a diplomat and if you are a Zambian, join politics like me,” said Ngulube.