EVANGELICAL Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) acting executive director Bishop Andrew Mwenda says the best way to resolve issues of political violence in Zambia is by identifying the trouble spot or ring leaders of the vice.

In an interview, Bishop Mwenda said if the vice was not controlled, it may degenerate into regional and tribal violence.

“The political violence we have is a product of immaturity on either part, motivated by the promise given to the cadres by the leaders. Nothing happens by itself. Someone needs to ask the reason why one is violent. In psychology, it is said anger does not lie. The risk if this vice is not controlled will be bloodshed worse than we have seen before and it may degenerate into regional and tribal violence which will be difficult to control. Political cadres are a difficult group to stop violence despite their leaders denouncing the vice,” he said.

“It is not easy to control one whose ego has been inflated, there will be a need of firmness from the leaders The best way we can resolve these issues going forward, especially by the involved parties is that the political leaders need to identify the trouble spot or ring Leaders of the violence, because someone somewhere is leading this violence and curb it from there. Someone is instigating this violence.”

And Bishop Mwenda said the state media was selective in its coverage hence some political parties thought the church did not condemn the violence, when in fact not.

“it is not true that the church has been quiet. For example, my colleague from CCZ Fr Emmanuel Chikoya might release a press statement condemning the political violence we are going through but you will find that the public media, in this case, ZNBC will not publish that statement at all. During the prayers last Sunday we issued a strong condemnation against violence and our sincere condolences to the bereaved families affected by the violence. It was public and this time around ZNBC TV2 covered it live,” said Bishop Mwenda

“What we have observed is that we get the most coverage from the private media like yourselves but that rarely happens with public media. Now, this is why you will find that some political parties are saying the church is quiet when political violence is happening or has been perpetrated by certain political parties. Otherwise, it will take each person as an individual to take responsibility for the peace that must prevail before, during and after elections. Let every Zambian endeavor to keep peace and be peaceful, it is a decision each and every one of us must make”