UPND Alliance member Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) says when big guns like the European Union and the United States of America start threatening sanctions, it means they have seen something.

And KBF says President Edgar Lungu should mind what he says in public, making reference to his remarks that Hakainde Hichilema could have been killed if it was in another country for blocking the Presidential motorcade in Mongu.

At a briefing, Tuesday, KBF said Zambians had a choice to vote for a new government and start rebuilding the country or risk it degenerating into a failed state.

“The PF government has failed and we have a choice ladies and gentlemen and the nation at large. It is either we vote for a new government and start rebuilding or we degenerate into a failed state. We might be a failed state. When you hear big guns like the United States, European Union begin to threaten you with sanctions, just know that they have seen something and they have noticed something. The ground for these elections is not fair but we are going to operate in these unfair conditions and ensure that we win these elections,” he said.

And KBF said President Lungu’s remarks that Hichilema could have been killed if it was in another country were unfortunate, coming from the Head of State

“How unfortunate coming from the mouth of the President. Are you sure you can say that and people are clapping? We must put this in context, HH did not find himself in Mongu that day because he wanted to. This was a traditional ceremony for his cousins and so he had to be there. It’s not like he went there to block the Presidential motorcade, no! They both met there as invited guests. President Edgar Lungu, I am asking you as your young brother, I am asking you as a lawyer to mind your language. Don’t bring war to this country. People are angry, people are just poor now, they are desperate,” he said.

“The cost of living is high, don’t increase the temperature sir. Move two steps backwards. This issue of talking about killing someone please stop it because that’s not how we conduct politics and politics are clear, you need to fight on ideas. HH has done nothing wrong to you Mr President apart from being a candidate. Beat him at the ballot. A President should not be talking about killings publicly, you can’t wish death on another candidate you are competing with, you can’t. If you are scared of HH, move aside so that we can work.”

Meanwhile, KBF urged the Electoral Commission of Zambia to avoid using the biometric equipment as it could delay the voting process.

“The ECZ is talking about biometric equipment and this is the first time they want to introduce this equipment to be used in our elections. Where I have come from, where I travelled incognito in Muchinga, Eastern and Luapula Province, our people generally are still ignorant. This equipment will slow down the voting process and also we don’t know how reliable this equipment is because you did not engage the stakeholders. We don’t want this biometric equipment to be used, let us vote the way we vote,” said KBF.

“I am appealing to all the Zambians who are willing to change this government, we plead with you please. If you can go home, go and eat and come back afresh. Stay 100 meters away from the polling station but guard the polling stations. No new ballots must come in, no ballots must leave until the results are announced. There is nothing about shutting down the internet, there is nothing about power failures. Ba ZESCO just do your job because you have told this country that we have ceased to have load shedding. Make sure we have electricity and we want to have the results as quickly as possible because the people are eager to change this government.”