FORMER PF chairman for elections Yamfwa Mukanga has pleaded with party members not to make hasty decisions of leaving the party, but to work and rebuild it.

In an interview, Mukanga urged members to stick with the party even in bad times.

“We are in a democracy and everybody has to make decisions but I plead with our members not to make hasty decisions. They should work and rebuild the party because they should not [only] be in the party when things are good. We should be able to rally behind our leaders even when things are bad. In good and bad times, then you have a good party. I was there when the party was formed and I should be in the party in bad times when we are not in government. We should understand that when people have spoken and God wants to change leadership and allow our friends to be in power, let us accept it. People should not make decisions in a hurry, they should wait, not because you have lost. You should analyze before deciding. People did not come to the party to make money, but to contribute to the running of the country. I thank God he kept us,” Mukanga said.

He urged Zambians to give the UPND government the same support they gave PF.

“What we need is that we will go back to the drawing board and see where we went wrong. The President congratulated those who won and I am doing the same. I am still PF and I am happy that the people gave us a mandate to rule the country up to this time. As a party, we thank the Zambians for giving us the support and the same support they gave us, they should give UPND so that we move together. It is not a time to fight, it is a time to see what we can do to work together and move on. Let us pray for them,” said Mukanga.