FORMER deputy education minister Clement Sinyinda says he does not think there is anyone who can convince the Zambian people to trust PF again.

In an interview, Sinyinda said the entire PF top leadership needed to retire because they were accomplices to former president Edgar Lungu’s bad governance.

“First of all, I totally agree that former president Lungu should retire because he has left a very bad legacy. He promoted tribalism, corruption and violence. For me, my young brother Given Lubinda and looking at the current leadership of the PF, together with the Secretary General, I do not think there is actually anybody who can convince the Zambian people to believe the party. Lubinda was an accomplice of the corruption and bad governance in PF. The party cannot say it is rebranding, if you are to rebrand PF, it is not only the president who should step down. It is all those top leaders of PF who should step down including Given Lubinda himself. Davies Mwila, Davies Chama, all those are accomplices. The best they could do all of them, is for them to step down and they should all retire. I agree with what Mumbi Phiri said,” Sinyinda said.

Sinyinda said the country needed to heal from the tribalism it was subjected to during PF’s administration.

“I would like to caution the current political party leaders not to be careless especially at this time when the people of Zambia have overwhelmingly rejected tribalism by showing their vote for the current government. In my opinion, any political leader should not talk about tribalism now. I believe this is not the time to talk about missionary languages. I do not believe that we should start discriminating against anybody,” said Sinyinda.

“We need to give ourselves time to heal because the past government was promoting tribal talks and we did not like what they were doing. This is not the time to talk about that but it is time for us to heal. Especially for young ones, I do not think they look at each other as anyone coming from this or that tribe. Even when you look for a wife or husband to be, I do not think you look at anybody coming from this or that tribe. I am appealing to those calling themselves as president of these political parties, we should be able to bring people together and unite them.”