FORMER PF chairman for elections Yamfwa Mukanga says Zambians voted against evil acts which were performed by some of his party members, asking UPND to lead by example by promoting peace.

In a viral video, suspected UPND members clad in their party regalia were seen beating up a PF member on account that they were being victimised whilst in the opposition.

But in an interview, Mukanga said the UPND should not revenge but do better in areas where PF did not do well.

“Now that the UPND are in power, they shouldn’t think of doing wrong things. Where they saw that the PF didn’t do well, they are supposed to be doing better. So that at the end of the day, we would have a better and peaceful Zambia. Those cadres who are behaving like that should stop. We want to see a difference, when people voted, they voted for peace, change and they wanted to see those evil issues that were performed by our people are no longer being done. It is very bad for us to experience an issue where people start beating up our own cadres because they were being beaten when there were in the opposition. They shouldn’t revenge, they should show if they are a government that is worth being there, they should show that [so that] they lead by example,” Mukanga said.

“We have seen some pictures on the blogs which are very bad, where PF supporters are being beaten. It is not supposed to be like that. We need to ensure that we live in peace. We have only one Zambia and this country is for everybody. We should coexist and that is what democracy is all about. They are now in power and they should be happy. If they continue to behave like this, then they will be short-lived because people will not accept. I believe that everybody should have a forgiving heart.”

When asked whether PF cadres also beat up UPND supporters while the party was in power, Mukanga said he was not aware, but added that any evil act whether done by the ruling party or opposition should be condemned.

“I don’t know, but I never saw those pictures, I am seeing these pictures for the first time. I don’t think if there is anyone who used to do that, we can support them, two wrongs does not make a right. We should condemn every evil whether done by our people or done by the ruling party now. What we want is to support any good and not evil,” he responded.

Meanwhile, Mukanga called on people who could offer leadership in the party to avail themselves.

“PF is rebranding and we call upon everybody who can offer leadership to come forward. I would say that at the right time all of us will move in and see what we can do to make sure that we sustain our party. I was there during the inception of the party and I will be there. We want as many people who are willing to rebrand the party to come forward. Of course, the rebranding will take a certain direction, it is not just a matter of appointing people and say ‘these are the leaders’ no. Because rebranding will require that everybody has an input,” said Mukanga.