INSPECTOR General of Police Lemmy Kajoba says police have arrested 10 suspects involved in violent activities which have characterised the country.

In a statement, Thursday, Kajoba said the police command would not apply the law selectively in ensuring that all persons were protected from criminality.

“I have observed a steady increase in levels of lawlessness being perpetrated by criminals who are disguising themselves as cadres. Some of these criminals have taken a route of harassing and torturing those they perceive to be their enemies on political grounds. Such conduct is evidenced by the reports which we are receiving as Zambia Police as well as videos circulating on social media. I want to make it sink in the minds of all criminals behind such heinous acts or any other form of criminal activity that I will not allow such kind of lawlessness to happen under my watch. All those that would want to take the path of criminality under the guise of politics or any other motive should know that their time to answer to criminal charges is slowly catching up with them,” Kajoba said.

“I further want to emphatically state that my command will not in any way apply the law selectively but shall ensure that all persons are protected from criminality and that they enjoy their human rights and freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution. In achieving this, Police shall ensure that law and order is maintained by reaching out to all those whose behaviour will be contrary to the provisions of the law irrespective of their status in society.”

Kajoba warned suspects who had eluded police that they would be arrested and would be made to answer for their criminal acts.

“From the disturbing incidences that have happened so far, we followed up the offenders and we have arrested about 10 suspects for various offences who will be appearing in court and we are still searching for those that have gone into hiding. My warning to those offenders who have temporarily managed to elude the long arm of the law is that they should not in any way feel safe wherever they may be hiding because soon they will be fished out and be made to answer for their criminal acts,” said Kajoba.

“This should also serve as a warning to all those who would want to commit any form of crime. Zambia police has been mandated by the constitution to ensure that law and order prevails in the country through protection of citizen’s rights and freedoms, which mandate we shall fulfil. I therefore call on members of the public who could have fallen victim of such misconduct to quickly report to the nearest police so that perpetrators are brought to book. I wish to reiterate that my command shall not allow any form of lawlessness, I therefore, expect police officers to be swift in responding to reports made by members of the public so that we can quickly get rid of criminals tormenting people in communities.”