FAITH Musonda’s lawyer Jonas Zimba says he is waiting for the police to invite them for further interrogations over the K65 million and US$57,000 that was found in a house believed to be hers.

And Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo says the police have for now opted to remain quiet on the matter and will only get back to the public once investigations are concluded.

Musonda made her second appearance at police on Thursday at about 14:05 hours and was interrogated for about eight hours.

She was accompanied by her lawyers Zimba and Makebi Zulu.

Addressing journalists after the interrogations, Zulu said they had made substantial progress.

“We have made substantial progress. We will continue another day,” said Zulu.

When asked why the interrogations took so long, Zulu said “that’s called progress”.

Meanwhile, when asked for an update on the matter in a police official WhatsApp group, Friday, Katongo said investigations had continued and that the police would get back to the public once they concluded.

“For now, we opt to remain quiet, however, state that investigations have continued in the matter, we will get back to the public through the media once investigations are concluded,” she said.

Asked what the police were investigating, Katongo said “we will inform you later.”

Further asked when the next questioning would take place, Katongo referred the journalists to the lawyers.

“I am not aware. You can find out from the lawyers,” said Katongo.

However, in a brief interview, Zimba said they were waiting for the police to invite them.

He added that the interrogations were lengthy because they desired to make progress.

“It is the police that can tell you. It is not us; it is them. It is the police that invites, how do you say ‘it is these guys to say?’ We are waiting for them, we always go when they call us. What took us so long is the desire to make progress. We were making progress,” said Zimba.

On Monday, Musonda appeared at police and her lawyers said she went there to show that she was not on the run, and also to ask for more time. Zulu said his client had asked for privacy as police probed the source of her K65 million.

News that police had recovered over K65 million from the former ZNBC TV personality Musonda’s house last week Saturday stunned the nation.