HOME Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu says 14 people have been arrested for attacking people in Lusaka’s town centre and Kamwala trading area.

Delivering a ministerial statement on the violence against PF cadres by perceived UPND cadres, Tuesday, Mwiimbu said investigations in the matter were ongoing.

“Madam Speaker, the case of alleged UPND cadres attacking innocent people in Lusaka town centre and Kamwala trading areas. Facts of the matter are that on 20th September 2021 around 10:00 hours, alleged UPND cadres attacked innocent people and traders in Lusaka town centre and Kamwala trading areas targeting the shops owned by suspected PF cadres. Police officers rushed to the scene to control the situation. In the process, a police officer was injured. So far, 14 suspects have been arrested and investigations in the matter are still ongoing,” he said.

Mwiimbu urged the Zambia police to expeditiously bring all culprits of violence to book regardless of political affiliation.

“Madam Speaker, with regard to the stripping of a woman in Chilenje by alleged UPND cadres, I wish to inform the House that this particular case has not been reported at any of our police stations. Let me urge the general public to report such cases to the police rather than only sharing with the press. Madam Speaker, let me urge the Zambia Police Service to expeditiously bring all those involved to book regardless of political affiliation. The government of the United Party for National Development detests any kind of violence,” he said.

Mwiimbu further stated that Mkushi PF member of parliament Davies Chisopa was formally charged and arrested on September 17 for malicious damage to property and assault.

“In the case of the honourable member Chisopa, MP for Mkushi North, brief facts are that during the campaign period, Zambia police service in Mkushi received reports of assault and malicious damage to property. It was alleged that the Patriotic Front candidate who is now the honorable member of parliament had assaulted some members of the opposition party. The Zambia police service instituted investigations into the matter. On 17th September 2021, honorable Chisopa was appearing before the courts of law in Mkushi district to hear the petition for his election,” he explained.

“After the court session, the honorable member of parliament was apprehended at Dada’s company near Mkushi Town centre over the cases reported during the campaign period. The honorable member was formally charged and arrested on 17th September 2021, of one count of malicious damage to property and four counts of assault cases. He has since been released on police bond and will appear in court soon.”

When asked by Kantanshi PF member of parliament Anthony Mumba on how the cadres would form branches in markets, Mwiimbu said they would do it in an orderly manner.

“The provincial chairman said they will be orderly, they will not cause any confusion in the markets. The provincial minister was very categorical. He has indicated that they are going to strictly adhere to the instructions that was given by the President of the Republic of Zambia that they will never collect any money, they will never run the bus stations and they will never run the markets and they will be orderly as they politic in the markets. I would like to congratulate the markets for not wanting to ensure that there is anarchy in the market. Madam Speaker, he is a very good chairman for ensuring that there will be order in the markets,” Mwiimbu responded.

Further asked by nominated member of parliament Likando Mufalali if the arrested people were identified, Mwiimbu said he did not know if they were UPND or PF.