PF member of the central committee Charles Kakoma says the UPND should stick to their campaign promises if they want to develop the country.

In an interview, Kakoma said he had been quiet because he was enjoying life in the village.

“I have been quiet because I have been enjoying life in the village, but what I think the UPND should do to ensure the country is developed, the answer is very simple, the UPND campaigned and promised people based on their manifesto. The UPND should stick to the campaign promises and implement them. The ideas that are in the UPND manifesto must be worked on if they are to develop this country. In fact, I am writing an article on free education, which should be with you within this week. In my statement I will address a number of factors, I am being methodical. Within this week you will be expecting my views on free education and later on my way forward in this country,” Kakoma said.

When asked what his next course of action was regarding his political career, Kakoma said he would soon address the issue.

“Well, I think I will be addressing those issues soon. At the right time I will make my decision known. When I am ready to address those matters, I will let you know. All those questions that you are asking will be part of my planned response. All these questions surrounding my political career will be answered soon,” said Kakoma.

Kakoma was until March 30, 2021 UPND commerce, trade and industry chairperson and spokesperson.

He, however, ditched the party to join PF in order to campaign for Edgar Lungu, claiming that the UPND considered him as a liability.