KANCHIBIYA PF member of parliament Sunday Chanda has urged Zambians to confine politicians who thrive on tribalism to “dustbins of history”.

In an interview, Friday, Chanda said presenting an unpleasant image of other tribes did not embellish one.

“It is my sincere hope that the Patriotic Front will reaffirm to adopt and put into practice this ‘Zambia first and foremost’ mentality and to eliminate the troubling propensity of some who have succumbed to the temptation of speaking ill of other tribes whenever it suits them or convenient. We must all remember that presenting an unpleasant image of other tribes does not embellish you. It neither makes you look any better to outsiders nor does it help in promoting a positive image of the party in dire need of rebranding. The glorious images of all nations we may admire today were never built by outsiders, but by citizens like you and I choosing to act as comrades, patriots and goodwill ambassadors to the world. This we must do if we truly care for the ordinary Zambians everywhere,” he said.

“It is only when you and I, as citizens, decide to summon the best in us and dedicate ourselves to reach out for the higher ideals of nation building and development (above ethnicity, political expediency or self-indulgence) will we be able to deeply entrench peace, harmony and stability and attain shared prosperity in Zambia. This is and shall be our nation’s destiny as long as we remain true to practicing ‘Zambia-first’ in both our words and our deeds. This includes all of us rehearsing the axiom: ‘You are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts’. Further to this, we must understand the fact that our entitlement to speak our opinions comes with duties and responsibilities such as; avoiding careless, simplistic and unproven narratives and fake news by choosing to embrace the liberating and progressive power of truth, mutual respect and substantive debates. This aptly encapsulates the true spirit of our nation’s creed.”

Chanda argued that only politicians who had no capacity to engage in fruitful debate rush to divide citizens along tribal lines.

“Zambians must confine politicians who thrive on tribalism and divide the good people to the dustbins of history. Only politicians who have no capacity to engage in fruitful debate rush to divide citizens along tribal lines. The Patriotic Front constitution does not support tribalism. It’s very clear in supporting the fact that ‘We are One Zambia, One Nation.’ This is our national creed. Our national creed makes an unequivocal call to all of us as Zambians, to unite and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood by, among other things, choosing to see ourselves in others and bringing out the best out of others in our nonstop march towards realizing our desired and inextricably linked destiny – Zambia’s Vision 2030,” said Chanda.

“I believe that our national creed challenges us to go much further than merely achieving unity in the midst of diverse convictions and persuasions – important as this may be. I believe that our national creed of “One Zambia One Nation” asks those politicians who thrive on dividing citizens along ethnic lines an important question: “Where does your loyalty Lie?” Is it in ethnicity or regions or self or in nation building and development? In this regard, I believe that our loyalties as individuals and a society should be rooted in nationhood and working for the greater good; not in ethnicities, regionalism, self-indulgence and political expediency to score cheap political points. We should choose to embrace a ‘Zambia first and foremost’ mentality in everything we do and say at work and at home, while in Zambia and outside Zambia, as political players or civil society, as ordinary citizens or business houses.”