HOME Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu says no arrests have been made yet in a matter where an armed criminal shot dead a police officer, raped two female toll collectors and stole K38,425 in Kasama early this month.

Rendering a ministerial statement in Parliament, Tuesday, Mwiimbu, however, said investigations had reached an advanced stage.

“Madam Speaker, government regrets the incident and would like to send a message of condolences to the family of the deceased police officer. Let me take this opportunity to wish the two cashiers a quick recovery. The lives of our officers in that infrastructure and elsewhere are safe as we have increased manpower and intensified patrols in our toll stations. No arrests have been made however, investigations into the matter have reached an advanced stage and the nation will be informed about the outcome in due course. The two cashiers have since undergone counselling through the Zambia Police Victim Support Unit and they have been deployed to another place,” he said.

Mwiimbu said the police service had increased surveillance patrols at all toll gates across the country.

“Madam Speaker, the incident is a violation of human rights which should be condemned by all Zambians. The New Dawn government considers security as a magnet for investment to foster social economic development in the country. To avoid the recurrence of such incidents, the Zambia Police Service has put in place the following measures; enhanced intelligence gatherings, increased surveillance patrols at all toll gates across the country and increased manpower levels at all stations,” he said.

“Madam Speaker, facts of the matter are that on 8th October 2021, in Kasama, Kasama Central Police recorded a murder case in which a Zambian police officer was fatally shot whilst on duty at Kalensi Toll Station situation about 25 kilometers from Kasama Town between 02:00 hours and 04:00 hours by a lone bandit. The police also recorded a case of aggravated robbery in which cash amounting to K38,425 and property worth K12,288 were robbed from the officer and two toll gates cashiers. The police further recorded two cases of rape in which the two cashiers were allegedly raped by the same bandit.”

Mwiimbu said he was aware that some of the heinous crimes were perpetrated by non- Zambians.

“Madam Speaker, we have put every measure in place to ensure that the good people of Kasama and Northern Province and in particular, areas which are bordering other countries are under our surveillance. We are aware [that] some of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are not Zambian. Immediately they commit an offence, they cross into neighbouring countries. We are putting measures in place so that the lives of our people are protected,” said Mwiimbu.