OVER 50 people have been seriously injured in a road traffic accident which occurred on Tuesday morning along Mungwi road involving a Zambia Army Marcopolo bus.

In a statement, Tuesday, Zambia Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga stated that the accident allegedly occurred when the driver of the Zambia Army bus misjudged the clearance distance of a minibus which was stationary in front and went to hit it, forcing it to move off the road.

“Police recorded a Road Traffic Accident which occurred today 21st December 2021 around 06:35 hours along Mungwi road opposite Celene’s Private School involving a Zambia Army Marcopolo bus registration number AF 1280 which had a broken front bumper, whole left side body and glasses. The bus was driven by Warrant Officer Class two Kamau Collins who complained of general body pains and has since been rushed to Maina Soko military hospital. On board were undisclosed number of passengers. There are 56 casualties at Maina Soko hospital being treated for various serious injuries. Also involved was a Toyota Hiace minibus registration number ALF 8790 which had its rear part depressed while being driven by an unknown driver who fled the scene after the accident,” stated Hamoonga.

“The accident is alleged to have happened when the driver of the first vehicle (Zambia Army) who was approaching from the direction of West towards East whilst descending at a curve misjudged clearance distance of the first (Minibus) which was stationary in front hence went to hit it forcing it to move off the road on the extreme right side before losing control and overturned on the extreme left side of the road.”