CHIEF Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda says as far as she is concerned, there are only civil servants, not PF servants working in government.

Commenting on PF vice-president Given Lubinda’s remarks that his party still had some of its loyal members in the system who kept them informed about what was happening in government, Kasanda said it was irresponsible for him to utter such words.

“We don’t know who their loyal members are. As far as we are concerned, the people who are working are civil servants, there are no PF servants. So, it is difficult for us to tell whether they are PF, because as far as we are concerned, if someone is working for the government, that makes them civil servants. Only they can identify who PF is. I think it is very sad for a party to insinuate that those people are PF members. Would they want people to lose their jobs? If they are a responsible party, they should be protecting the Zambians. If we find out that it is true or not true, bottom line is that those are civil servants, they work with the party of the day, isn’t it? It is unfortunate that he can utter such things for a leader like him, especially for somebody who has been in government,” Kasanda said.

“If people were to be fired, and lose their jobs, is he going to employ them? Is he going to look after their families? Not that we are going to do that, we as a government have no intentions to do that. For us everybody is a civil servant and they should enjoy the job that they acquired.”

And Kasanda dispelled assertions that government was secretly selling mines.

“Government is not selling KCM, it is not selling any mine at all. Those are speculations by the PF, they are politicking. They are politicking because they are no longer in government, by trying to rebrand and get back into government, they will make all sorts of allegations. But deep down if they search their souls, they will know its untrue. We are a very transparent and responsible government. So, all the allegations, we understand they are trying to politic, but let them politic responsibly. The PF ought to be responsible, we don’t have a problem with checks and balances but accusations and allegations, those are wrong,” said Kasanda.