MPOROKOSO PF member of parliament Brian Mundubile says the loss of the two ward by-elections in Luapula and Western Provinces has come as a shock to the party.

In an interview, Mundubile said the party was still trying to interrogate and understand what actually happened.

“Well, of course that shocked all of us. We did not see it coming. We would like to interrogate what could have led to that. At the moment, it is very hard to comment because we do not really understand why we had that performance. Obviously, personally I did not go there because we were busy in Kabwata and so on. So we just want to interrogate and understand what we could have missed in that particular by-election. It was not expected at all,” said Mundubile.

Last week, UPND won two ward by-elections held in Luapula and Western Provinces.

UPND candidate Charles Safeli scooped the Sokontwe Ward by-elections in Luapula’s Milenge District with 611 votes and PF’s Morgan Mayani came out third with 147 votes while in Liangati Ward of Western Province’s Senanga District, UPND’s Nyambe Nyambe emerged victorious with 1080 votes.