VICE-PRESIDENT Mutale Nalumango says under the new dawn administration, all traditional leaders will be treated equally.

Speaking when she paid a courtesy call on Senior Chief Mukuni, Vice-President Nalumango said it was unpleasant to learn that she was the first Vice-President of Zambia to have visited him.

“It was unpleasing to learn that I am the first Vice President of the Republic of Zambia to have visited his Royal Highness Senior Chief Mukuni of the Tokaleya speaking people in Southern Province. Under the new dawn administration, all traditional leaders are to be treated equitably the same. President Hakainde Hichilema saw it wise to send me to visit the Lion King of Victoria Falls; this is a clear demonstration of walking the talk of uniting Zambians,” said Vice-President Nalumango.

“A Southern Chief is a Chief for all Zambians and vice versa. Never again should Zambia allow politicians to divide them based on regions. As we may all be aware, Senior Chief Mukuni was recently unwell hence our efforts to check on how he is faring after undergoing some treatment in India.”