LUSAKA Province UPND chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta says PF needs to be de-registered because it is bankrupt.

And Mwaliteta says acting PF president Given Lubinda was not chased from the N’cwala ceremony but that he was asked to sit somewhere else.

During a live stream on his Facebook Page, Sunday, Mwaliteta said instead of gallivanting around the country, PF should pay the people they owe money.

“In fact, keep that little money. Stop gallivanting around. Wherever there is a ceremony, you want to go there and draw attention. Keep that money, you need it; you are not coming back into power. You go and pay your lawyers, people are crying at Secretariat, you have not paid Kalandanya, go and pay those musicians you used to sing songs. Stop using the money on traditional ceremonies. In fact, you need to be deregistered you are bankrupt. I have never seen a party like PF that is why I resigned. You have deceived Zambians for a long time, you want to continue deceiving them in opposition that we have been chased from the N’cwala ceremony. It’s good that Zambians are behind HH,” Mwaliteta said.

And Mwaliteta said it was petty for Lubinda to complain that he was chased from N’cwala.

“I just want to remind my friends the PF what transpired in 2018, Chakwela Makumbi Traditional Ceremony for the Soli people. When we were invited to go there with the President now, when we reached there, we were given seats where to sit and we were on the third row with President HH. The first row, which was called VVIP, there was a District Commissioner, a member of Parliament for Chongwe (Japhen) Mwakalombe. And we never complained because we knew they were in government. And they were the invited guests and we never complained. But for Lubinda to come and start complaining that he was chased, that is being petty. Politics of hatred won’t take us anywhere. If HH did not want to unite this country from the word go, the first speech kuja ku (at the) stadium, you were all there, you heard that I do not want cadreism, I want to unite this country,” he said.

“I don’t want UPND to attack the PF. Today we are living in peace because of that man, President HH who has brought this country together. All what I see with you colleagues in the PF, you are guilty of a lot of things which have happened, you are guilty of your past, your past is haunting you. So, you are looking for sympathy from innocent people. Who can sympathize with you honestly? We have not even recovered what we went through with you colleagues. Ba Lubinda was never chased, he was asked pamene mwankala (where you are seated) apa, you are not supposed to sit here sir, can you go and sit somewhere else. Then you became childish, you left, then you want to cry the loudest ati banatipisha ku N’cwala (that you were chased from the ceremony). HH does not behave like that, he has a heart.”

He said PF was possessed.

“Imwe ba PF, you can’t take us through nkani yama politics throughout. You have a disease, PF you are possessed, you have spirit of confusion wherever you go. You wanted confusion to happen at N’cwala like the confusion brought during the Chakwela Makumbi Traditional Ceremony. Remember, you took the confusion to Kuomboka until you arrested HH with a fake treason charge. So don’t cry foul and cry the loudest, try to ask for sympathy. There is no need to do that, you should grow up. If it was the security wing of State House, then they saw that you are not fit to sit where you are seated because their job is to protect the Presidency not HH but whoever the President is. Even Edgar Lungu, they have done that. Mutekanye maningi, you should wait, HH is now fixing the country that is what he promised you. The spirit of confusion which you have in PF, you go to Reverend Danny Pule, let him pray for it to come out of PF. Wherever you go, you want to bring confusion,” he said.

He said the PF should not involve the Head of State in their pettiness.

“Leave HH in peace, don’t accuse him of things he doesn’t know. HH has got a big task, he doesn’t sleep. He always thinks about us Zambians. He wants us to live well. And that man means well for this country. So, PF stop crying foul for nothing. So, when you are asked to sit somewhere, you should have shown leadership and say colleagues ‘let us sit there, let us leave this for the President.’ Now you wanted to sit where HH was sitting? Who does that? We will advise you. And the people that asked you to relocate sir are not UPND members, it was government, civil servants, that is their job. Ndiye ba dealing’a na protocol yaba President, si ndife iyayi. Bamene baja mwenzo sebenzensa pali ba Edgar, ba chinja ba sebenzela HH manje. But mwenzo bachita abuse, ise sitibachita abuse. (They are the ones in charge of protocol when dealing with the President. It is not us. The same officers you were using on Edgar Lungu are the ones working for President HH. But you were abusing them. We are not doing that),” said Mwaliteta.

“We know a lot of rotten officers even in the police, in parastatals, we have left them to work, we want them to change. We have given them a second chance. We are not like you. HH has a heart. A lot of people expected HH to chase people, to fire people but he has not fired people. Even government spokesperson, don’t speak about it, it has no use, it has no substance for you to waste your time to speak about N’cwala. Nothing happened there! Don’t talk about it, let it be, because no one chased Lubinda. But they are very good at propaganda. But you see, their propaganda used to work at that time, not this time. The reality should have dawned on you that you are not in power. You should be the one to appreciate HH for stopping cadres. If cadres came after you ba Lubinda, I don’t know where you would have gone to. But he stopped all the cadres. He said what was bad in PF, it is also bad in UPND.”