EASTERN Police commanding officer Davis Simwanza says police have arrested an 18-year-old boy who stole Paramount Chief Mpenzeni of the Ngoni people’s car keys.

In an interview, Sunday, Simwanza said the suspect, Jere Zondwayo, attempted to steal Chief Mpezeni’s vehicle ahead of the N’wala ceremony but failed to do so because there was no battery in the said car.

He further disclosed that Zondwayo also stole safety boots from a vehicle belonging to Zesco.

“The teenage boy stole the car keys for his royal highness. The boy stole the car keys and then attempted to steal the motor vehicle which he did not manage because this vehicle had no battery. They boy also stole safety boots from a Zesco vehicle. So he was apprehended and found with both the car keys and the safety boots. He has been arrested and his name is Jere Zondwayo. He was arrested on the day before the N’cwala ceremony which was a Thursday,” said Simwanza.