PF National Youth Chairman Christopher Kang’ombe has apologised to Zambians for all the shortcomings of his party when it was in power.

In a post shared on his Facebook Page, Sunday, Kang’ombe noted that most people who offered themselves for leadership preferred the easy route.

He admitted that apologising for all the shortcomings should be one of the first points of reflection as a party.

“Most people who offer themselves for leadership, prefer the easy route and the easy ride. Moving from one political party to another appears to be the easy option to make by many, but not me. Modern leadership, relevant to the growth of our democracy, demands that different political parties generate different ideas for better governance. When I was asking for public comments on the PF rebranding process, I wanted your suggestions on how it could be done. I am convinced that there is a leadership demand that has been placed on me and others to listen to your thoughts and act on them. Let me therefore, in my capacity as PF National Youth Chairman, start by apologising to the people of Zambia for all the shortcomings of my party when we were in power. And I agree that this must be one of our first points of reflection as a party at all levels,” posted Kang’ombe.