CHIEF government spokesperson Chushi Kasanda says the UPND cannot consult former president Edgar Lungu because he made a thousand mistakes, adding that PF should not even have the “guts to open their mouths” because they destroyed the country.

And Kasanda says Lungu cannot even talk about hypocrisy when he is a hypocrite himself.

On Wednesday, former PF secretary general Davies Mwila said although former president Edgar Lungu was not an angel and could have made one or two mistakes, President Hakainde Hichilema must consult him on how he used to stabilise fuel prices.

But in an interview, Kasanda said PF was still bitter and just wanted to come back and siphon more money belonging to Zambians.

“The PF should be the last people to give us advice. We are trying to restore the rule of law which they failed to do. Amongst them, the senior officials were cadres. They were not even worthy to be in those positions. They were cadres and they destroyed this country. There was no rule of law in this country. Look at how they were arresting people and look at how they arrested the current President, 13 times for trumped up charges. Today they want to come and advise us? They should be the last people to advise us,” Kasanda said.

“So they should be the last to give us advice. But those well meaning Zambians, we are listening to their advice and we are taking their advice. Sometimes there is a route that we may need to take for the good of Zambians and not because we disrespect them but because we are looking out for them. The results will be good for the Zambians. So all those lamentations will be there and as you are aware, that is PF which is the former ruling party. They are still bitter. They still want to come back and siphon the money for Zambians. So that is something I would not even be worried about, especially if it is coming from the PF.”

Kasanda said the UPND government would only take advice from well meaning Zambians.

“If it is coming from well meaning Zambians, we will listen and we will take advice from the PF. Who are they to come and give us advice today? All the things they did and they want us to be failures like them? They are failures. Edgar Lungu did not make one or two mistakes, he made a thousand mistakes. Besides, why would you go and listen to a person who made a thousand mistakes? And not only did he make a thousand mistakes, just a few weeks ago, when burying former president Rupiah Banda, look at the comment he gave. He talked about hypocrisy,” said Kasanda.

“How does he talk about hypocrisy when he was a hypocrite himself? There was a President extending his hand to the immediate past president to accommodate him. He never accommodated President Hakainde Hichilema. What he did was he incarcerated him from trumped up charges. The time the father of nation Kenneth Kaunda died, HH was made to watch the procession on TV. And then he is allowed to sit next to our President and he is still talking about hypocrisy? I think there is a sense missing there.”