LUSAKA Province UPND chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta says it has now become extremely risky to continue with Lillian Siyunyi state counsel as Director of Public Prosecutions, because her agenda is to sabotage the new dawn government.

And Mwaliteta says Siyunyi will not be the first DPP to be hounded out of office.

At a briefing, Tuesday, Mwaliteta said Siyunyi wanted to frustrate government’s efforts in the fight against corruption.

“We would like to express our disappointment in the manner in which the DPP is conducting herself. It is clear from her conduct that she is not with us. When I say us, I mean Zambian people and the new dawn government. Her behaviour is clearly that she pays allegiance to others, not to the President and his government. The DPP, Mrs Siyunyi has remained loyal to the Patriotic Front government and its leadership. Therefore, it has become extremely risky to continue with this woman as DPP because her agenda is to sabotage this government. She wants to frustrate our efforts of this government, making it work for the people particularly in the fight against corruption,” Mwaliteta said.

“It will be impossible for this fight to be won with this woman as DPP. Corruption is a cancer, we all know that. The kind of damage it has caused to this country at a national level, community level, individual level. It is corruption that has caused our hospitals to run out of medicine, it is corruption that has caused our communities to starve, it is corruption that has led our farmers to go without farming inputs year in, year out or to supply them on time. It is corruption that has led to the levels of unemployment in the country. Ultimately, corruption has caused the lives of people to deteriorate leading to others dying.”

Mwalitela questioned the DPP’s loyalty and asked her to resign.

“The question I have for the DPP is on whose side is she? Is she on the side of the Zambian people or is she on the side of plunderers who have plundered our resources? She has done many nolle prosequi than any other DPP. The question is why? Instead she has gone ahead to prosecute those with politically motivated trumped up charges involving UPND members, I am the victim of that. I have been arrested several times, she has never entered a nolle even when she knows I will be acquitted on a no case to answer. But not only me, the President himself HH is a victim too,” he said.

“He has been arrested several times, she never entered nolle until when the international community came in to put pressure on her that is when she entered a nolle in the treason case. And if the international community did not come in, today we were not going to have HH as a President. This is the DPP we are keeping. So many UPND members are still in prison from the time of the PF rule, no nolles have been entered. The PF plunderers are the only ones enjoying the nolle prosequi. So this Mrs Nolle Prosequi Siyunyi should resign.”

Mwalitela accused the DPP of holding the country at ransom.

“I fail to understand some of these educated people, why they do not have shame. You know that the one who appointed you is no more and you cannot change allegiance, why don’t you resign than to hold this country at ransom? We are not going to allow you madam to hold this country at ransom and do what you think you can do because you are protected by the Constitution. The same Constitution will allow us to proceed to start with article 143 as read together with article 144 and 182 of the Constitution of Zambia to remove you from that office. But we will still give you a chance to resign on moral grounds. Madam we can’t allow you to go on misbehaving, taking Zambians for granted,” he said.

“Because what I know is a DPP bafola ndrama za government (getting taxpayers’ money) now the government which is there is the new dawn government, so why do you want to champion and protect the people…and this is what is surprising me. When these office bearers are supposed to be on the side of the Zambian people, they are on the sides of individuals, why? Because they are also corrupt. It is not a coincidence that the DPP wrote a letter to demand for someone to exculpate himself or herself when that person was doing the right thing on behalf of us Zambians.”

He said most of the Prosecutors at the National Prosecution Authority were the same ones who were prosecuting UPND officials while in opposition.

“We are not going to fight corruption with Mrs Nolle in that office, it is impossible. We know most of the office bearers who have not been changed or reshuffled or fired, their allegiance is still with PF. And don’t take President HH for granted, he has extended an olive branch to you then you are abusing it, you think we don’t know what is going on? That National Prosecution Authority NPA, most of the people there, Ministry of Justice hear this, and other relevant authorities, most of the prosecutors who are there even now are the same prosecutors who were prosecuting HH, they are the same prosecutors who were prosecuting us as UPND members and they were put there specifically to deal with UPND including the President,” he said.

“So, you think they can prosecute the people who put them there who gave them instructions to prosecute us? What has changed? The Constitution which is protecting you in those offices, we will use the same Constitution to remove you from those offices. We have been so patient, so quiet looking at you guys as brothers and sisters, feeling the pinch of corruption, we thought you were also feeling it the way we are feeling it, we have realised you are actually enjoying it. And I want to tell the PF members, immediately this Mrs Nolle Prosequi leaves that office, you are going to dance pelete because we have talked too much.”

Mwaliteta said Siyunyi would not be the first one to be removed from office.

“I hope the family is hearing me so that they can convince this lady to resign but I know it will be very difficult because of the commitment she has committed to the PF plunderers that as long as she is there, she is going to protect them. No, madam, you are not going to protect them. You are not the first one to be hounded out of that office, we had Mukelebai Mukelebai, we had Chalwe, we had Mutembo Nchito, we had so many DPPs there, you are not stronger than those, you have to leave! We want to work. All those people who feel the allegiance is not with the new dawn government should resign,” he said.

“I am going to call all my colleagues in ten provinces, this is not going to end well for the Madam because we will demand for her removal. We will use the same Constitution which is protecting her, the same way you can remove a judge is the same way you can remove the DPP. We will do that because madam you are not helping the country, you are not serving the purpose of being there. We are paying you as Zambians, you are getting our salary and you are not doing us a favour. You are not working. Madam, you resign! Madam DPP, do us a favour, you cannot be as strong as those other DPPs who were removed from that office. History repeats itself. You are still going to go.”

At this point, UPND members started chanting that “DPP achoke” (the DPP should leave office).

And Mwaliteta urged Law Enforcement agencies’ to stop working quietly.

“And ACC stop working quietly because these criminals are getting sympathy from Zambians because they don’t know what you are doing. Start exposing them. Don’t work quietly, there is no need, DEC. If you are going to work quietly, you are going to allow these criminals to be sympathized by other Zambians, they must believe them that we are persecuting them when the actual fact is opposite,” he said.

Mwaliteta said he would act on government officials that were aligned to the PF if ministers failed to act on them

“You ministers, we want to help you; we are going to help you. Whether it lands me in problems I don’t care because I fought for this party to be where it is today. We are not going to allow those PF people to frustrate our efforts by the name of unity, they are abusing democracy. We have given them a chance to change, they are not changing, instead they are abusing us,” said Mwaliteta.

“Timpempa nabamene bonse balimuma offices bamene baziba ati niba PF (we are kindly asking that those who are in government but are PF supporters), we know you, we are going to do our part as the party in Lusaka Province since all the ministries are in Lusaka. Ndiye vamene vimani letela ma problems vamene ivi (this is what causes problems for me). We have identified these people, from the police to all the ministries. They are still there; we know where they are. Markets, in the councils. We are going to help you ministers, we are going to identify them, we will bring a list to you, if you don’t act, then we will act ourselves.”

Meanwhile, Mwaliteta cautioned Kabushi PF member of parliament Bowman Lusambo not to destabilise Lusaka.