PARAMOUNT Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people says President Hakainde Hichilema has diffused tension and brought stability in the country.

Speaking when President Hichilema paid a courtesy call on him in Malole, Mungwi District of Northern Province, Tuesday, Paramount Chitimukulu said had Bill 10 gone through and if UPND lost elections, the country would have been in problems.

“There is one context with which most of the people don’t know what you have done on recruitment of teachers and health workers. Today, had Bill 10 gone through, we would not be in peace this time today. You know, if Bill 10 had gone through and not UPND, we could have been in a lot of problems. Because the problem was, it has got a bill of right to employment. Now the scheme behind was to incite the unemployed teachers to take the government to court. And then which government could go? So it could have brought a lot of problems. That, you diffused and then you diffused the second one by making arrangements to employ them. So those are not mean achievements, they are great achievements and it has brought stability in the country which are good steps which you have quickly taken,” Chitimukulu said.

The traditional leader said it was unfortunate that people were criticising government without facts, adding that people had a tendency of wanting everything to be done immediately, which should not be the case.

“You know, we the Zambians are the souvenirs of the power, we own the power then we give you as elected members to exercise powers. All of us can go to Parliament but we have chosen one person to represent us. So the trouble we are having in Zambia today is lack of sacrifice. We lack sacrifice, we are not looking to help the government. Because we should help you. You are just human beings who go into government and you don’t become supernatural. And then we have a tendency of wanting everything to come immediately,” he said.

“So there is a lot of critics without facts. Those I think are the problems which are coming into our country where we have got social media, people who have never done any research, they just wait and make comments. The only thing, Mr President and Ministers, it is said that if you are going, don’t try to throw stones at every dog that barks, they will distract you. So the only thing is to go forward and then you would have achieved your goals. We should respect the office of the President whoever is there. Now when they are talking about defamation, they don’t know that Bembas have got the worst type of vulgar language. So I think there is just too much freedom of something I don’t want to use the word.”

Paramount Chitimukulu advised PF member of parliaments to familiarise themselves with the UPND manifesto if development was to be achieved.

“I have told my councilors that they should get the UPND manifesto. They have done their politics when they were campaigning but now people want to see development and the development can only come through the government of the day. They are PF members but they should study the manifesto to see how the UPND government has done things so that if you follow those channels, then development comes. Otherwise, you don’t just argue everyday, you have got to go on the ground and see,” he said.

Meanwhile, expressed worry over how CDF would be managed.

“The only worry about CDF is are we going to handle such a big amount properly? That is a bit of a worry to me, the money is too big for our capacity to manage,” he said.

He then asked the President to help address some challenges being faced in the province.

Paramount Chitimukulu also lamented how his powers were restricted as chief.

“Here we have got our system of governance, because when you are studying these tribal-political systems, you look at what is the relationship between a chief and a subject. Now here, it has been dealt with. These are ineligible for chieftainship but they are the people who are appointed chiefs. For instance if I ever die, this will remain even when I’m being embalmed and then they come and appoint Chitimukulu. No other chiefs are involved. The paramount chief becomes the chairman. So there is no statement that I can ususally issue. It must be Chitimukulu counsel and must be approved. So my powers are being limited and according to Bemba governance of our system,” said Chitimukulu.

And speaking earlier, President Hichilema assured the traditional leader that government would not interfere in the selection of traditional leaders.

“Maybe I should mention, not to break protocol Kanabesa, as we have maintained this position when we were in opposition and we maintain it as servants of the people that our government shall not interfere in the selection process of traditional leaders. I think you have heard me say that for years and years and now I can confirm it as the servant of the people that that decision belongs to the traditional selectors. That’s a domain not of the government,” he said.

President Hichilema said government remained committed to reuniting the country.

“Twaisa kuno ukumikunkula (we have come here to pay homage) before we do any work in your province. Natuleya first tukalandishane naba kanabesa (I said let’s first go and see the Chitimukulu) so that he can bless us, and bless our visit and the work that we are going to do in this province. Otherwise, your Royal Highness thank you for leading our people here in good times, in difficult times. Your government is committed to work with the people of Zambia. Chalo chesu, chalo cha Zambia yonse. We want to bring equity to the people, all of the people. We want to reunite this country, kanabesa. On the platform of unity, you can accelarate ubuyantanshi, ichalo chesu cha Zambia,” said President Hichilema.

“Education eh (is) number one on the road towards development. Nga twabula ama skills mu chalo teti tuchite develop ichalo (if we are lacking skills in the country, we cannot develop) and that’s why our policy of free education we talked about before forming government kanabesa, we are fulfilling it. Abanensu bambi balelanda ati awe policy naifilwa (some people are saying that the free education policy has failed) because now the children are too many in class, they are sitting on the floor. Chilifye bwino (It is okay) because it means children are now in school. Our duty is to buy more desks and we are going to do that through CDF. It is so important your Royal Highness that all our children ioncluding the girl child go to school.”