PF presidential aspirant Brian Mundubile says he is confident that he will be PF presidential candidate in the 2026 general elections.

In an interview, Mundubile despite being confident, the final decision resided in party members.

“This is a democratic dispensation where every contender stands an equal chance. Obviously, you go into an election because you think you have marshalled support, you are presenting credentials to your supporters as to why you think you are a better candidate. The ultimate decision resides with the members of the party. I would not want to enter the race with arrogance. I won’t go in with ‘it’s me’, so I am confident but the final decision resides in the party members,” he said.

“Remember we will be candidates as individuals but that is not the only thing, we are supported by a party. So the strength of individual candidates is fortified by the party and the party ideology. So it is not so much about Mundubile and Hakainde, it is Mundubile as a PF party president against Hakainde as the UPND party president and the various manifestos that we will present to the Zambian people. So the individual strengths play a role but not so much. We have very strong individual candidates in other political parties but their political parties may not be as strong to fortify and strengthen their candidature. So for me my candidature will go in with the force of the party strength also to sell the ideologies of the party. When I ascend to the helm of the party, it is now me and the party. I do not want to go the route of individuals, we are selling the party manifesto.”

When asked whether PF had a chance of bouncing back under his leadership, Mundubile answered in the affirmative.

“Yes of course, the chances are very good. The chances are good in that both the UPND and PF will be going into the elections in 2026 having been tried by the people of Zambia. So there will be a lot of reference to practical achievements both parties have achieved. That is what is going to count in 2026, the people of Zambia will look at the achievements that the PF recorded and the achievements that the UPND would have recorded against the promises of both parties. We pride ourselves to be a party of the poor, a party that was able to turn this country round in alleviating the lives of the poor in health, education in infrastructure, social protection. We are also going to go with the message of apologising to the Zambian people in areas where we have gone wrong. Issues of caderism, arrogance and so on, we are going to apologise,” said Mundubile.