MINISTER of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu says two mobile dual sim phones belonging to Pamela Chisumpa, a 22-year-old mobile booth attendant who was allegedly abducted two weeks ago, have been recovered.

And Mwiimbu has revealed that the PF administration had halted investigations into gassing incidents which had rocked the country.

Addressing the media, Wednesday, Mwiimbu said eight suspects had been apprehended to help with ongoing investigations into Pamela’s disappearance.

“I wish to inform the nation that police have since recovered two dual sim mobile phones belonging to the victim. Furthermore, police have apprehended eight suspects to help with the ongoing investigations. The eight suspects are also linked to other cases which include; Mobile money scams, theft from motor vehicles, and drug related crimes. Also arrested is a Livingstone resident for giving false information to a public after he allegedly posted a comment that he had witnessed the abduction of the victim when in fact he was not in Lusaka on the material date,” he said.

“I must say that our officers are spending sleepless nights and have covered key prone areas so that all those involved in this criminal web are arrested and prosecuted. Investigations into this case are still ongoing and we will keep on updating the nation on the latest development.”

He said President Hakainde Hichilema was worried about the recent rise in crime cases.

“My ministry is concerned that the time the Zambia police service is working hard in fulfilling its mandate of maintaining peace and security in our country, some unscrupulous criminal elements have opted to mobilise and indulge themselves in new crime trends aimed at destabilising the good peace, order and security of our country. You may wish to know that the Republican President Mr Hakainde Hichilema who is also commander in Chief of the Defence Force and indeed the general citizenry have equally expressed worry with such kinds of crime trends which I must say are allien to our country,” he said.

“One such case in point is the alleged abduction of a 22-year-old young lady namely Pamela Chisumpa. The matter has brought a lot of anxiety and apprehension among members of the public. You may wish to know that the Zambia Police Service is jointly investigating this matter with the Zambia Information and Communication Technology (ZICTA) amongst other security wings. Allow me to state that despite the anxiety and fear tha has gripped some members of the public, I wish to assure the nation that officers are working round the clock to ensure that this matter comes to rest and perpetrators are brought to book.”

Mwiimbu warned members of the public who were fond of issuing derogatory remarks against the President on social media.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security wishes to warn some sections of society who have taken to social media to issue derogatory statements against the Head of State and furthermore, express personal views that beyond any reasonable doubt have potential to cause ethnical agitation in the nation, to desist forthwith or risk being prosecuted. In as much as Zambia is a democratic state and shining example of a nation where citizens exercise their rights and freedoms, it is essential for every citizen to enjoy these liberties with responsibility,” he said.

“Lately, social media has been flooded with derogatory statements against the Head of State, and sentiments that have potential to generate ethnical agitation. Such personal expressions go beyond the rights and freedoms the State under the leadership of His Excellency Mr Hakainde Hichilema has provided its citizens to exercise. The expressions are meant to incite citizens to develop hatred for the Head of State and demean one ethnic group in the eyes of others.”

He said his Ministry wouldn’t allow unpatriotic citizens to begin to lower the Head of State.

“As the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, we shall not allow unpatriotic citizens to begin to lower the Head of State in the eyes of his people and furthermore tolerate the agenda to demean some ethnic groups. Zambia has adequate laws that shall protect the Head of State, Ethnicity and all the citizens from cyber bullying, use of insulting language and sentiments meant to crack the unitary spirit binding the nation together,” he said.

The Home Affairs Minister further disclosed that commissioning of CCTV cameras would soon be done as this would help detect criminal activities.

“I would like to mention to members of the public that we are almost at the point of commissioning the CCTV. You are aware that there is a command centre that was constructed not only in Lusaka but in Kitwe, Livingstone and some towns on the Copperbelt. The construction has been completed. But for us to be able to activate these cameras, we need to train the officers to manage the security system. That we are doing. We hope that in a few weeks time, we will be able to commission the security cameras for the benefit of the nation. We will be activating them soon and once activated they will be useful to dictate crime in the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mwiimbu said authorities in the previous regime halted investigations into gassing incidents that rocked the country.

“I’m aware that the investigations were halted by authorities at the time. And when the Zambia police under the leadership of the current Inspector general of Police looked at the issue and taking into account the concerns that were being raised by members of the public, the Zambia Police service found it prudent to reopen the investigations. When you reopen investigations, you cannot outrightly indicate the outcome,” said Mwiimbu.