THE move by the Drug Enforcement Commission to seize motor vehicles, houses and bank accounts belonging to some politically exposed persons who reigned under the Patriotic front is something that any decent Zambian citizen expected to see following the election outcome.

Last week, we reported that even the former president’s best friend and businessman Valden Findlay has not been spared. We have been informed by the law enforcement agency that his financial activities during the time when he was seen wining and dining with the President, were suspicious and linked to money laundering. Within the next few days, we will see and hear of more properties and cash being frozen from mostly PF officials and their business cronies.

If this development does not please some people then those individuals might have been out of the country when the Patriotic Front surrendered the national Treasury to cadres and top privileged businessmen. How can what DEC and other law enforcement agencies are doing surprise anyone? These people were not only stealing from the government, but they were stealing and announcing to everyone who cared to listen. They went out to the public with trunks of money and displayed the stashes on social media. It was a session of mockery for the poor.

This Max Chongu whose cars have been taken by the Drug Enforcement Commission is one of those Patriotic Front cadres who got mysteriously rich and was stupid enough to show off his wealth to the people including the law enforcement agencies without explaining how he amassed that wealth. The videos where he was showing off his cars and mansions are still in public domain for those who may be feeling sorry for him to see.

After gifting his wife a six bedroom mansion, this young man was laughing at those who thought cadres couldn’t live their dreams. He was comparing his houses to hotels because of the sizes of his properties. In one video, he showed viewers the inside of his house just to show off how luxurious his life had become. When he was doing this, qualified jobless Zambians, not far from his mansions were going to sleep with empty stomachs. Max did not care to explain where all his money was coming from, today the people he was laughing at want answers.

But this PF cadre is not the only person who amassed unexplained wealth. In fact, whatever Max has is nothing compared to the wealth amassed by top officials in PF. Four cars is nothing but crumbs off the big table of corruption. The top criminals in PF who brought the country to its knees have already turned themselves into outlaws and are disappearing from the country one by one. Some have been noticed sneaking out to make sure that their loot is safe and secured in Dubai, Mauritius, Seychelles and other safe havens.

But like we have warned in the past, nothing stays hidden under the sun. Even the money that will remain untraced will still need to be spent, and when that happens, the law will visit and the people of Zambia will demand justice. No criminal must be allowed to get away with theft and abuse of public resources because their actions caused too much misery to the people of Zambia. These guys took advantage of a weak Head of State and turned Zambia into a full blown kleptocracy without any shame or pity for the poor taxpayers. Zambians warned the PF to be careful with how they handled national resources, but they did not want to listen. They corruptly shared government supply contracts among themselves and used those to defraud the people. They never imagined that a time would come when the same DEC they would issue instructions to would be under the control of another regime.

What is happening to Max and his bosses in PF is not a witch hunt, it is called the order of nature. When you go to sleep with an itchy end of your alimentary canal, and wake up with smelly fingers, there is no rocket science required to explain what happened during the hours of darkness. It simply means you were sticking your fingers in unholy places without caution.

It’s accountability time. Thieves must know that fast money goes fast!