Constitution is ambiguous, needs refining – Lubinda

In this video, Justice Minister Given Lubinda says it has become very clear to everybody that the 2016 amended Constitution was done hurriedly and has a lot of lacunas.

He however says the PF government is embarking on a processes that is going to refine the clauses and make them “speak to each other”

Take a look.


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Frequent flyer
Frequent flyer

My world. In a normal country Given would not be allowed to open his stupid mouth to puke the words he has done. In the first place Given can never be a justice minister but this is a Zambia today where any fool can be appointed to do any job without relevant qualities. No wonder Edgar Lungu is a president against all odds. The constitution bwana given, is NOT ambigeous. It has no lacunas. It is very clear on the presidential elligibility clause. I am not surprised that you can not understand the constitution because you are not a credible… Read more »

Pululuka Phiri
Pululuka Phiri

What is this foolish Given saying now. Wasnt it him and his PF charlatans who said they were giving us a constitution that would stand the test of time? They concentrated on the 50+1 while shooting their foot on the deputy ministers and all.

Don Trump
Don Trump

Given. Do not take a national constitution for a PF one. We the normal Zambians are not going to manupulate that constitution like your chipantepante way of governance. Too much money was spent on that constitution and we are going to use it the form it is till another 5-10 years. The presidential elligibility clause does not make reference to tenia of office but to a fact that someone who has had a chance of 2 mandates (irrespective of duration) can not get a third chance. The intention was to give chance to as many Zambians as possible to be… Read more »

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