The Energy Regulation Board has fined 32 companies for breaching license conditions by overpricing petroleum products, selling contaminated fuel among other things.

In a statement issued by acting ERB director consumer and public affairs Fred Hang’andu Wednesday, the fines ranging from K9,000 to K24,000 were to be paid by this month end.

“Less Energy Zambia Limited has been fined the sum of K24,000 for implementing a charge that had not been approved by the ERB when it sold Diesel at K11.90 instead of the approved K11.09 per liter, at its Chinsali Service Station at that time. Of the 32 licensees, 24 companies were each fined the sum of K9,000 for breaching License Condition 2.4.1 when they failed to submit monthly petroleum industry statistics as required by the ERB,” Hang’andu stated.

“The affected 24 companies are Reba Industrial Corporation Limited, Pes Enterprises Zambia Limited, Enigma Petroleum Limited, Flexus Petroleum Limited, Guul Petroleum Company Limited, Kaso Investments Limited, AGS Trading Limited, ALLn S. Energy Corporation Limited, Beaver Sales Limited and Mina Petroleum and Tankers Limited. Others fined for the same breach are Hashi Energy Zambia Limited, Majestic General Dealers Zambia Limited, Bongom Marketing Limited, Noatech Limited, Endrone Petroleum Corporation Limited, Wise Petroleum Limited, Savenda Management Services Limited and Colas Zambia Limited.”

Hang’andu stated that this decision was arrived at during the 3rd Regulatory Board Meeting held on December 19, 2017 at which meeting it was also decided that six companies be fined K12,000 for breaching the stipulation on road transportation of petroleum products.

“Mount Meru Zambia Limited, Wheels of Zambia Investments Limited, Keren Motors Limited, Atosh Transport Limited were found to have used tankers which did not meet the applicable technical standards to transport petroleum products,” he stated.

And Hang’andu stated that the board also resolved to fine Lake Petroleum Limited for selling contaminated fuel at its Kabwe Service Station.

“The Board also resolved to fine Lake Petroleum Limited, which was found to be in breach of License conditions 3.1.2 and 3.1.6 of its License to Retail Petroleum Products, when it failed to report an incident relating to contamination of fuel at its Kabwe Service Station. The company had also failed to comply with Quality Control and Monitoring Guidelines. Lake Petroleum was fined the sum of K12,000 for the first breach and K12,000 for the second,” stated Hang’andu.

He further stated that Mobil Zambia Limited had been fined K12,000 for dispensing fuel below the acceptable limits at its Kalingalinga Service Station.