Lusaka magistrate David Simusamba has allowed members of the public to visit UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and his co-accused in prison.

This follows a meeting held in his chambers to resolve preliminary issues raised by the defense team this morning.

Informing party symperthisers at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court after the meeting, defense lawyer Jack Mwiimbu revealed that magistrate Simusamba had cancelled restrictions on who was allowed to visit the opposition leader.

“I know that there has been some anxiety on what has been happening. You heard the issues we raised in the open court pertaining to accessing the court premises and the visitations. Orders have been made to the prison authorities that everyone, I repeat, everyone, friends, relatives and other colleagues who are willing and are able to visit the president and his accused persons, are free to visit him on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so that is the position,” Mwiimbu said.

He further revealed that magistrate Simusamba had directed police to make the court premises more accessible.

“On the issues of access to members of the public, directions have been given to the police to ensure that those who are coming to court are allowed access to these premises, that is what we have agreed. The police command was present and the officer in-charge Chimbokaila prison was present, those are the directives of the magistrate. The visiting hour will be the normal visiting hour, there is a normal visiting hour at prison and that is the time you can go. You cannot go any time, no. The normal visiting hour, that’s when you can go,” said Mwiimbu.