A woman of Lusaka West has sued the Road Development Agency (RDA) and the State in the Lusaka High Court for allegedly constructing a road on her property and extensively damaging the foundation of her piggery project.

Everligher Ndhlovu, is demanding K200,000 which RDA has already agreed to pay as compensation.

In statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Monday, Ndlovu submitted that some time in March 2016, she went to inspect her land only to find that a road had been constructed through the property and that a foundation that was being constructed for a piggery project, was extensively damaged and completely buried.

She stated that a road which was now being used by members of the public, as well as, an illegal bus stop had been set up without her consent.

Ndlovu stated that upon inquiries, she found out that a company which was working in Ngwerere had closed off Ngwerere Road and decided without her consent, to construct a road bypass over the property.

She stated that when that company was written to, they replied that they got their mandate from RDA.

“It was discovered that the company that constructed this road bypass was called SAFRICAS Zambia. When the plaintiff discovered who had trespassed into her property, she informed lawyers, who in turn wrote a demand letter to the said company. Upon receipt of the letter, the company SAFRICAS replied that they got their mandate from RDA and members of the public,” read the statement of claim.

She now claims the sum of K200,000 which RDA has already agreed to pay, restoration of the damaged land which was used as a road bypass to its original state and the closure of the current illegal road and bus stop, damages, costs and any other reliefs the court may deem fit.