Banker seeks separation from hubby for denying her conjugal rights

A banker has asked the Lusaka High Court for a judicial separation from her accountant husband on grounds that he does not provide financial support to the family and has deprived her conjugal rights for four years now.

According to a judicial separation filed in the Lusaka High Court, May 17, Miriam Chibinga Simataa who has sued Simataa Simataa as respondent, stated that the two celebrated their marriage at Grace Mission International Exploits in Lusaka on April 9, 2011.

She added that the couple were currently living together in Garden House, Lusaka.

Chibinga explained that she was a banker while her husband was an accountant and they had two children of the family.

She, however, added that Simataa had one child before their marriage.

Chibinga stated that Simataa had behaved in an unreasonable manner and, therefore, she found it intolerable to live with him.

She stated that Simataa had been depriving her conjugal rights for a period of four years now and had also refused to go for any marital counselling to try and resolve their matrimonial disputes.

Chibinga stated that Simataa had continuously neglected to provide financial support to his family and was also having an affair with another woman.

“The respondent has continuously neglected to provide financial support to the children of the family and left the petitioner with huge burden of maintaining the home and the children, including paying the school fees for the children of the family. The petitioner discovered that the respondent had been having extra marital affair with another woman,” she stated.

Chibinga added that Simataa had been verbally obnoxious towards her in front of the children, adding that he had behaved in such a manner that she could not reasonably be expected to live with him.

She now prays that the judicial separation is granted and that the parties share joint custody of the children of the family.

Chibinga further prays that Simataa maintains her and the children of the family.


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